Rousis returned to Markopoulos’ bench


Return to… homeland for Giorgos Rousis who will be sitting on the bench of the women’s volleyball team of Markopoulos from today, as announced by the Mediterranean team.

The relevant announcement in detail:

“The experienced Giorgos Rousis returns to his place of origin and to the team where he started and emerged as a coach, taking over the technical leadership of Markopoulos Revoil’s women’s team, succeeding the Italian Giangrosi Pasqualino.

The 45-year-old technician (Jan. 4, 1979) began his coaching career at AO Markopoulos where he worked as a partner of Soulis Toursoukas initially and Giorgos Lykoudis afterwards (2005-2010), whom he followed in the Women’s National Team (2008-2009), while the following year (2009-2010) he was a partner in the Italian Women’s National Team Gianni Caprara. Then he worked at Agia Paraskevi (2010-11), Ionian N. Philadelphia (2011-13), Panathinaikos (2013-16), Pannaxiakos (2016-17), AO Thira (2017-18), Elysiakos (2019-20) and Thetis Voulas (2020-24), while taking over the reins of the national team in 2017.

The first words of Giorgos Rousis as the new coach of the women’s team of AO Markopoulos were the following:

I am very happy to return to AOM and I wish that we have a healthy and successful year. I would like to thank the management of the club and especially Mr. Paris Evangeliou because not only am I coming to my place of origin, but at the same time I will be working in a very organized club that gives coaches and players the opportunity to develop and bring out their best“”.

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