The president of the party expressed his optimism that SYRIZA-PS can be the first party in the European elections, Stefanos Kasselakis, presenting candidates for Sunday’s primaries to nominate MEP candidates.

Starting his speech he said: “There is a current in society, the castle of right-wing propaganda is crumbling. We are going for the first party, we are the ruling, modern patriotic left that is going against the mechanisms of interests.”

He emphasized that the primary elections for the nomination of MEP candidates are an innovative process and a celebration of democracy. He invited members to participate in shaping the SYRIZA ballot with their vote and congratulated the candidates.

Continuing, he referred to his interview with Mega yesterday and “the attacks” he received. Said Mr. Kasselakis: “Others have a problem with me because the Greenberg propaganda needs a predictable opponent to succeed and I’m not predictable. As long as they wait for me in the corner, I’ll get them out of the way. Yesterday I opened my house to the TV camera , today they put the paid guns to write that I show off wealth. I have no reason to flaunt my wealth, but to a prime minister who celebrates his 41st property without anyone knowing how an untold fortune is made on the salary of an MP, I have an obligation to show how I live and who I live with. I’ve been told what’s the point of people seeing it if they don’t have a month to spend’? But I’ve promised to show you how I live. Transparency is my life. Opposite are 41 immovable, undeclared Voltaires and a failed career in the private sector and a year and a half of unemployment before becoming an MP.We are the other side of transparency.All declared, worked and taxed under strict US law. No one stopped me, I live in a transparent house where everything is visible. The prime minister lives in a glass tower cut off from everything. It is a glass tower from which someone orders editing, mixing, wiretapping. But this someone is never Maximus’ tenant, he is Maximus’ ghost. Does Mr. Mitsotakis control anything that happens in the country? Mr. Mitsotakis from his glass tower cannot see anything that troubles the Greek. All he sees are skyrocketing prices. We are the second country in food inflation and the second poorest after Bulgaria.”

He then reiterated his key propositions for dealing with accuracy:

  • 0% on basic goods, 6% on adult personal hygiene and baby care
  • Finally a maximum profit margin of 5% for the electricity companies
  • Reduction of VAT on fuel to the lowest allowed rate in the EU. It is not possible for gasoline refined in Greece to be sold less in Cyprus
  • Create a 5-year moratorium on for-profit companies so they can’t do business with the government with a small fine.

Continuing, he said: “They will be mockingly agitated and we will present and pass our proposals. Their populism against modern politics which is us and not them. Look at our ballot and theirs. There the new has a face: George Autias. What is the change that George Autias wishes or meritocracy that you see?

The Ear of SK’s fake news, for whom, as he declared today, the model is the Junta’s fatherland-religion-family. The Greek merchants of the right are trying to appear more patriotic than the democratic faction that fought”.

In closing, he said: “there are two roads ahead of us: one that says I have 41%, everything has been decided don’t bother me. The other is the movement we are building together. Because half life, insecurity, cover-up don’t suit us. We want me SYRIZA a better life and we want it now.

It is with a sense of responsibility and humility that I invite you to participate in Sunday’s primaries.”

The presentation of the candidates followed:

Andronikos Gospel Iliad

Antonaros Evangelos

Antoniadis Thanos

Arseni Eugenia (Jeni)

Vlavianos Georgios

Galani Irini

Christos Giannopoulos

Ganoulis Iakovos

Grammatical Gospel (Eva)

Dendrinos Spyridon

Kominea Sophia

Korkas Ioannis

Katerina Konstantinidou

Litos Ioannis

Meimari Stella

Michaelidis Thanasis

Moschonas Konstantinos Panagiotis

Dimitris Papadimitriadis

Tetas Photios

Tsakalakos Panagiotis

Dimitris Papanotas

Morning Stefanos

Konstantinos Sidiropoulos

George Tsipras

Markos Christodoulidis

Philippa Dionysis.