“Digitalization has acquired a more general character in Greece recently. We are talking about a complete upgrade of the Health systems. We are talking about the Single Individual Health File. Its application starts. We have the integration of the systems in the hospitals”, he pointed out Deputy Minister of Health Marios Themistokleousin the context of a related discussion at 9th Delphi Economic Forum, which takes place in Delphi April 10-13 and is under the auspices of A.E. of the President of the Republic, Mrs. Katerina Sakellaropoulou.

Mr. Themistokleous said characteristically: “Some things are starting that will reduce the bureaucracy. From September the clawback calculation will be able to be done automatically, in real time. We are eliminating paper in the applications of doctors, a platform is coming for the process. Digitization is the entrance of very big changes”.

He also emphasized that: “Digitization is one thing, Health technology is another. We distribute, for example, ten devices at home, but there must also be a center that will evaluate the information from the patient. We will have the complete ris pacs system (transcription of medical procedures) in all hospitals of the country in 8 months from today, Also, in the emergency room of a hospital one will be able to see his movement with color marking, so that he knows if he is expected to go there. This will be ready by 2025.”

From his side, Dimitris Nikas, President of the Health & Biotechnology Research Industries Association (SEIB) noted: “From prevention, prognosis, diagnosis, to treatment and follow-up. Digitization brings many solutions.”

THE Evangelos Kalamakis, CEO of SofMedica he characteristically said: “What the state should be asking for is the data. Artificial intelligence platforms come and collect the data, and become a “co-driver” of the Health professionals. The Authorities must force us to give data and specific information”.

THE Kostas Athanasakis, Assistant Professor at the University of Western Attica pointed out that: “The next few years will be very important in terms of Health technology. In order to ensure the sustainability of Health systems, they must be financially viable. Let’s open the conversation about their evaluation”.

Finally o Dimitris Kontopidis, President of Digital Health at the Greek Patients’ Association emphasized among others: “The experience of patients in the digital transformation should be about more than e.g. the digital dating. In the pandemic it was a good practice that citizens learned to use new technologies. The patient could make a self-diagnosis, take the test himself.”

The debate was moderated by Vicky Karatzaferi, Senior Editor at Talk 989, Healthstories.gr, mononews.gr.