The process of preliminary elections for the selection of the candidates to be included has been underway since 8 a.m. on the SYRIZA Progressive Alliance ballot for the June 9 European elections.

The process will last until 8 in the evening and for the first time a member or friend of the party has the possibility to participate in the selection of the party ballot and choose the representatives who will represent him/her in the European Parliament.

According to a statement by Koumoundourou “in this innovative process, all members of SYRIZA-PS have the right to vote, as well as friends of SYRIZA-PS who will come to the polling stations on April 14 (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) and will take part in the preliminary election process by filling in the relevant form of a friend of SYRIZA-PS”.

It is recalled that SYRIZA-PS members, friends of the party and residents abroad who wish to vote online, were invited to fill in the registration form with accurate contact information for the primary vote, as published on the i-syriza website, until 7/4/2024 at 12 midnight Greek time.

Voters who will vote in person will be able to choose the candidates of the district to which the electoral division in which they are going to vote belongs.

Voters voting online will be able to choose one of 14 districts.

The Regions with the elected and preference crosses:

Attica: 12 are elected – (up to 4 crosses)
Expatriates: 2 are elected – (1 cross)
Central Macedonia: 4 are elected – (up to 2 crosses)
Thessaly: 3 are elected – (1 cross)
Western Greece: 3 are elected – (1 cross)
Crete: 2 are elected – (1 cross)
AMTH: 2 are elected – (1 cross)
Peloponnese: elected 1 – (1 cross)
Central Greece: 1 is elected – (1 cross)
South Aegean: elected 1 – (1 cross)
Epirus: elected 1 – (1 cross)
Western Macedonia: elected 1 – (1 cross)
Ionio: elected 1 – (1 cross)
North Aegean: elected 1 – (1 cross)

It is reminded that on the site (HERE) there are posted the candidates by Region with their CVs.