“Yesterday in the middle of the night we had the expected attack of Iran on Israel, in retaliation for the criminal attack of the Israeli state on the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria, with dead Iranian officials. This development constitutes a dangerous escalation of the war in the Middle East which can take on terrifying proportions in the event of an attack by Israel and its allies against Iran”, said the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the KKE Dimitris Koutsoubas, at the beginning of his speech at the presentation event of the party’s European ballot.

“The KKE had warned from the first moment that the Israeli occupation and genocide of the Palestinian people, with the support of the USA, NATO and the EU, the Israeli attacks in Syria and Lebanon, as well as the imperialist rivalries in the Red Sea, form the conditions for the generalization of the war. The people of the region, together with our people, are in the midst of great dangers” he said and then emphasized:

“Greece, with the responsibility of the ND government and the complicity of SYRIZA, PASOK and other parties, is up to its neck in two simultaneous imperialist wars, in the Middle East and Ukraine, with painful consequences.

We also say from this step: the ND government, here and now, withdraw its support for the murderous state of Israel and disengage our country from the imperialist wars, close the US-NATO bases and infrastructures, return the Frigate ” Hydra” from the EU’s Red Sea SHIELDS operation”.

“The people should not accept to become “cannon fodder” for the imperialists, for the interests of the Greek bourgeoisie, to decisively condemn the ND government and all the other NATO, Euro-Atlantic parties, to give strength to the KKE that fights consistently for the peoples to live in peace, shaking off the capitalist barbarism that gives rise to wars, poverty and refugees” underlined D. Koutsoubas, concluding.