Zervas: “Olympiacos not relaxed in the derby – The qualification with Barcelona will be decided on these points”


The report of Olympiakos ahead of the derby with Panathinaikos AKTOR in OAKA transmitted through News Bulletin 247 Nikos Zervas.

Talking to him Christos Robolis and Panagiotis Kefalasthe station’s reporter, made it clear that the “red and whites” will play to win the derby and add pressure to the “eternal” rival, while he estimated that Filip Petrusev will probably get playing time: “A derby is always a derby. He doesn’t say too much, but with a win he transfers anxiety to Panathinaikos. He will play to win. I don’t think there will be any change. Maybe Petrusev will take time too. Milutinov’s statement about the world of Panathinaikos is excellent.”

Afterwards, Nikos Zervas spoke about the upcoming meeting between Olympiakos and Fenerbahce in the Euroleague playoffs, analyzing the style of play of the two teams, but also the points that can determine the qualification to the Final 4: “Olympiakos and Fener played evenly. This is a great victory for the organization, although it would be good if all the matches were played at the same time. Olympiakos’ record is too good, with so many injuries. In the year that has lost the MVP of the Euroleague and one of the best guards in Europe, it shows that it is an organization that absorbs “shocks”.

Olympiacos will fight for qualification against Barcelona. In the second half, he played basketball like last season. I believe he surpasses Barcelona in bench. It does not excel anywhere in particular, but it is certainly not at a disadvantage either. Barcelona is an aging team. Some Barcelona players lack experience. Day, game plan and endurance will judge the pair of Barcelona and Olympiakos. For Olympiacos to provide a basis for circulation. I think we’ll see a lot of Goss and Walkups.”

Source: Sport Fm

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