“I received over 3,000 messages of support and only 3 insulting ones,” said Dimitris Papanotas today, commenting on Stefanos Kasselakis’ decision to delete him from the SYRIZA European ballot.

“I will not do the favor of those who let me down, to understand that they let down a lot of people. I sincerely thank the thousands of SYRIZA voters for the more than 3,000 messages of support, I received only 3 insulting ones,” he noted.

“Before Stefanos Kasselakis announced my dismissal, I had thought about resigning and going back to my job. It is unethical that I was fired when I was ready to resign. The Bedouins of politics ate me. Good digestion”, said Dimitris Papanotas characteristically at another point.

“These same people, the same executives that I defended publicly, the same people finally dug the pit for me,” he said, adding that “they essentially fired Papanotas because Bekatorou asked for it, a behavior that is not right between fellow candidates.”

However, he emphasized that he has never met with the president of SYRIZA – PS, apart from their joint presence for a few minutes at the announcement of the candidates for the primary elections.

“I wish him and Mr. Kasselakis the best,” said Dimitris Papanotas, adding: “Let me remind him that I was the first to support him from the first video he uploaded.”