Expelled from BBB 23, Cara de Sapato files a lawsuit against Globo in court


Gabriel Vaquer

Participant of BBB 23, fighter Cara de Sapato is suing Globo. The action has nothing to do with his expulsion from the reality show for alleged sexual harassment of Mexican Dania Mendez, who was visiting the program. In fact, he complains about the group’s outlets for reporting an alleged relationship with Amanda Meirelles, winner of the edition he was part of.

O F5 had access to the case files, which are taking place in the 28th Civil Court of the TJ-RJ (Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro). When contacted, Cara de Sapato’s defense did not respond until the last update of this text. Globo states that it does not comment on legal cases.

The fighter claims that he was surprised when Globo outlets reported that he had ended a relationship with Amanda in August last year. The publications said that the two ex-BBBs had kept their relationship a secret after leaving the reality show.

Within the program, Cara de Sapato actually got close to Amanda, which created a fan base called DocShoes. The two, however, were just friends on the reality show and always claimed to have remained that way after leaving the attraction.

When the supposed end of their relationship was reported, Cara de Sapato published a video on his social networks to deny that he had a relationship with Amanda. The video was attached to the case file.

In the action, the fighter reaffirms that he never had any romantic relationship with his colleague. Therefore, he is asking for compensation of R$50,000 for moral damages and a retraction in the same Globo outlets that published the information, which according to him is false.

In its defense in the case file, Globo states that the compensation request is “unreasonable” and unrealistic. Furthermore, he argues that the information was important, as they were two public figures.

There is still no date for the trial of the action. Before that, the Rio Court must schedule a hearing to try to reach a conciliation between the parties.

Source: Folha

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