By Antonis Anzoletou

In the narrative of the “upheaval” and the “shock” he insists Stefanos Kasselakis and the great “danger” he runs is to pass under the very high bar he himself has set. Not that in Koumoundourou they will be unhappy if SYRIZA manages to overcome the 17.8% of the summer and at the same time significantly reduce the difference with the New Democracy. However, the blue line-up will have every right on their night June 9th to answer that the goal of victory set by the leader of Koumundourou was not achieved.

It is obvious that the president of the party is proceeding with “injections” to boost the morale of the party’s voters and at the same time he is trying to show the vacillating and undecided citizens that the vote for the official opposition cannot under any circumstances be wasted. The battle is multi-fronted, but in Koumoundourou they want to focus their criticism towards the government. This does not mean that shots coming from PASOK or the New Left will remain unanswered. On GAMMA radio, Voula Kehagia, addressing Harilaou Trikoupis, said that “Mr. Androulakis is playing his last chance at the leadership of the party, as his party officials themselves say, because after all that SYRIZA has been through, he himself has not succeeded to develop such momentum as to threaten even second place”. It is recalled that the president of PASOK had described Stefanos Kasselakis as a “pleasant entertainer”.

Regarding the former comrades of the New Left, the press representative of the official opposition stated that “their goal is not to attack the Right of Mr. Mitsotakis, but to attack SYRIZA, lest they themselves be upgraded politically”. Alexis Haritsis, in an interview with “Kathimerini tis Kyriaki” had stated that “SYRIZA’s bet has been definitively lost”.

With the wind of second place, Stefanos Kasselakis continues his tour of the islands, although yesterday he had to spend the night in Astypalaia due to the bad weather. These days, the everyday life and the needs of island Greece will have the first say. “Aegean wind” did not “blow” in SYRIZA in the summer, with the result that the party is underrepresented in the Parliament in relation to mainland Greece. In Koumoundourou they have a very good picture of the appeal that Stefanos Kasselakis has among young people, but also among publics who had not yet approached SYRIZA. The “rebaptism” of the party, with the risk that such a pre-election venture has in relation to traditional voters and the center-left public, continues. Even from Amorgos, Stefanos Kasselakis mentioned the changes he is promoting. “I have promised my party and the society that our philosophy does not change, we are the progressive democratic faction of the country, but the structures of the party are changing. They open up, they become much more grounded in society, they give strength to members, to friends.”

At this stage, Stefanos Kasselakis has taken a pen and paper and notes the problems faced by the inhabitants of the island regions, while at the same time he also writes the proposals submitted by citizens and institutions so that many of them can be included in the program. Today he will visit Kastellorizo ​​and Rhodes, on Wednesday Tilos, Nisyros and Kos and on Thursday he plans to be in Kalymnos, Leros, Agathonisi, Leipsos, Arkios, Patmos and Ikaria.