“Bloc” in their party Spartans from its A1 Political Department Supreme Court, as he was allowed to take part in the upcoming European elections on 9 June.

A total of 31 parties and coalitions of parties from the 46 who had initially declared participation at the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court, received the “green light” from the A1 Political Department of the Supreme Court to participate in the European elections.

Several parties did not pay the tax prescribed by the electoral law of 20,000 euroswith the consequence that they are automatically excluded from the electoral contest.

Stigas: “For the first time in the annals, a party is excluded from the elections with clumsy methods”

Violent attack on Kyriakos Mitsotakis released by the national delegation o Vasilis Stigas.

“Finally, the forces of darkness led by Kyriakos Mitsotakis prevailed over the independent judiciary. “For the first time in history, a party is excluded from the elections with cynical methods,” said the president of the Spartans.

“The high priest of the entanglement Kyriakos Mitsotakis discredits the democratic state… Kyriakos Mitsotakis wears the mask of democracy hiding the upside down truth” he added.

“The Spartans remain faithful to the initiatives of our ancestors” concluded Mr. Stigas.

Marinakis: “Some, unfortunately, prefer to “fish” for votes in murky waters”

“Many wondered why SYRIZA for 4.5 years could not find a courtroom to try the case of the Golden Dawn criminal organization. Why didn’t he vote for the controversial amendment we tabled in 2023. Why didn’t he submit a memorandum in the parliamentary elections. Why did he submit a “text-declaration” for the participation of the Spartans in the European elections, after the relevant deadline had passed” says the Pavlos Marinakis.

“Today, the president of the Spartans, Mr. Stigas, stated that Mr. Kasselakis’ SYRIZA, ”has dignity for not filing a memorandum” and convinced even the most skeptical. Some, unfortunately, prefer to “fish” for votes in murky waters than to defend our Republic with actions,” adds the government representative.

Democrats: “Democracy must have the means to defend itself against its enemies”

“The Republic must have the means to defend itself against its enemies. The ban on descent in the elections for the Spartans party is one such means. We trust the judgment of the Supreme Court for the protection of the electoral procedures” say the president of the Democrats Andreas Loverdos and the vice president Theodoros Papatheodorou.

“The Democrats, the party of the Center in Greece, has as its priority to fight, in the upcoming European elections, against the Far Right and all kinds of “fascists in suits” in order to defend the values ​​of Democracy, freedom, security and social cohesion. Against irrationality, fanaticism and hostility we respond together with the citizens with the power of Democracy, moderation and common sense” it is noted.