The European Commission disbursed today the second installment of the emergency bridge financing to Ukraine, within the framework of the Ukraine Facility, amounting to 1.5 billion euros.

The disbursement follows the Commission’s positive assessment of agreed policy terms linked to reforms in the judiciary, anti-money laundering, public financial management, business environment and agriculture, as well as requirements reporting to ensure the transparent and efficient use of funding. A general condition for support under the Ukraine Facility is respect for effective democratic mechanisms.

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that “Ukraine carries a heavy burden on its shoulders for all of us.”

He explained that the additional €1.5 billion disbursed today will ensure that Ukraine can continue to keep the state and essential services running for the population while resisting an aggressor Russia. “We will work closely with the Ukrainian authorities to ensure the implementation of Ukraine’s plan, which I expect the Council to agree quickly. This will pave the way for regular and predictable disbursements under the Ukraine Facility, totaling EUR 50 billion. Europe remains united and resolute in its support for Ukraine,” said the President of the Commission.

In March, the EU released the first tranche of emergency bridging funding of €4.5 billion to Ukraine. With today’s payment, the EU has disbursed €6 billion to Ukraine to support the country’s macroeconomic stability since the entry into force of the Ukraine Facility on 1 March. Total EU support to Ukraine and its people from February 2022 now stands at €98.5 billion.