By Ioanna Mandrou

He is released from prison by the will of the Judicial Council of Criminals of Lamia Nikos Michaloliakosits once powerful leader Golden Dawnwho was serving a multi-year prison sentence for his managerial role in the Golden Dawn criminal organization.

The Judicial Council by its will (121 of 2024) releases Nikos Michaloliakos from prison by imposing restrictive conditions on him, including a ban on leaving, staying in a certain place, a ban on meeting his co-accused and others.

Nikos Michaloliakos is released from prison under the provisions of the laws, which were in force in 2018 when the crimes of the AXA were committed and which did not change in 2019, while the prosecutor’s proposal was negative for his release.

The prosecutor, while supporting the view that Nikos Michaloliakos typically met the conditions of the law to be released, however, was absolute and negative for his release, since, as noted in the prosecutor’s proposal, there are essential conditions for which the former leader of the Nazi formation should not be released.
To this end, it is noted, according to information in the prosecutor’s proposal, that the formal conditions for the granting of conditional dismissal are met, but with regard to the essential conditions, he proposes to reject the application, assessing the applicant’s lack of remorse and moral improvement, quoting extensive article through which he appears unrepentant and declares that he is imprisoned in the context of political persecution and slander.

On the contrary, the Judicial Council that examined the application points out in its will, that any doubts that may arise in the person of the applicant about the essential conditions, should work in his favor. And evaluates his conduct positively, rejects the article as an indication of the commission of new illegal acts, and accepts the application and orders the conditional dismissal of the applicant, imposing:

-conditions of prohibition of exit from the P.E. Attica,
– appearing in the AT of the place of residence (Pefki) once a month
– and not associating with co-accused for the specific criminal case for which he was detained.

An appeal by the public prosecutor is allowed against the council that judges the granting of conditional release, while it should be noted that the release of Michaloliakos was made under the criminal legislation that was in force in 2018 and 2019, while with the subsequent amendments after 2021 he would not have the right to request to be released on parole.