Turkey is very interested in Libya’s visit to Athens for the seismic surveys that the Greek side is conducting west and southwest of Crete.

As the SKAI correspondent in Istanbul, Manolis Kostidis, reports, Turkey shows great interest in the relations between the two countries.

“Libya has verbally informed Greece about the seismic surveys in Athens, which it considers illegal. Athens’ reaction is expected in the coming days” CNN Turk reported on its newscast.

“In 2019, Turkey and Libya had signed an agreement defining maritime areas of responsibility. The Libyan government claimed that the seismic surveys were carried out in areas of the continental shelf mentioned in the specific agreement. That is why the government of Tripoli gave a verbal communication to the ambassador of Greece in Tripoli. The sources of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs claim that in the coming days they will respond to Libya” continues the presenter in the bulletin.

Celik: “We have updated the conscription so that there is better synchronization in case of war.”

The representative of the Justice and Development Party of Turkey, Omer Çelik, referred to the fact that the responsibility for mobilizing and declaring war passes to Erdogan himself, with a decision published in the newspaper of the Turkish government.

In his speech, Omer Celik gave explanations for this decision, while as Manolis Kostidis comments, he used the word many times “war”.

“War technologies are changing, as are the conditions of wars, as are geopolitical developments, and these regulations need to be updated. All this is done with the contribution of the Ministry of Defense in coordination with the general secretariat of the National Security Council. However, as you know, mobilization is important for the coordination of all national forces and all national resources so as to provide capabilities to the Armed Forces. In other words, in case of war, let alone how there will be the synchronization of forces”, said Omer Celik characteristically.

The polls worry Erdogan

At the same time, big there is concern in the camp of Recep Tayyip Erdogan after a poll conducted shows the Republican People’s Party leading by 4.8 points over the ruling party.

Specifically, the Republican People’s Party leads with 35.32 points, while the ruling party, the Justice and Development Party, comes second with 31.3%.

According to the SKAI correspondent, this big difference has troubled Erdogan, which is why he is preparing changes.

According to analysts, Erdogan has been using a certain rhetoric lately, seeing the gap widening.