The Minister of the Interior commented on the steps to modernize the public administration that have been made in recent years Niki Kerameos from the floor of the Economist event.

Specifically, the Minister of the Interior, after noting that many steps have already been taken in the field of modernization of the public administration, underlined that the state must evolve digitally, have institutional stability and at the same time implement actions that help the transformation of the public sector.

In terms the transparency part, Mrs. Kerameos emphasized that the national council of multi-level governance has been established for the optimal distribution of the responsibilities of civil servants, while in terms of digital transformation she brought, among other things, the example of the postal vote, which as she said through a digital platform, the citizen could registered in 4 minutes. It is also typical that they have voted so far 65,000 already by letter.

For the rebranding of the public sector, as the minister characteristically said, the goal is for the state to understand and facilitate the citizen. Based on this, there will be a mechanism for evaluating the functioning of the state by the citizen himself. For example, upon exiting the KEPs, the citizen will be notified on the mobile phone with a message in order to answer specific questions regarding the degree of satisfaction with the specific structures of the state.