Today’s decision of the Personal Data Protection Authority is a culmination of the attempt to cover up, which was attempted by the government and personally by the Minister of the Interior, Niki Kerameos, PASOK-KINAL emphasizes in its related announcement.

As the Authority points out, it does not appear that an exhaustive investigation and search for information was carried out by the Ministry of the Interior, in order to facilitate the determination of the exact time and the object of the illegal transfer.

While the Maximus Palace did not even bother to respond to the independent authority.

In addition, as it follows from the Authority’s decision, there was the possibility of mass extraction of voter data from the ministry without recording who and why is taking it in violation of the relevant legislation.

The decision highlights the inability of the “staff” government to do the obvious, which is proven by the amount of the fine at 400,000 euros.

The Minister must resign.

It is not acceptable for the Ministry of the Interior to be turned into an electoral center of the New Democracy and for the personal data of thousands of Greeks abroad to be handed over to the ruling party and its candidates, exposing the country and shaking the confidence of the citizens. We can and deserve more.»