In Peania the prime minister was found on Friday Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who after visiting the Olympic Facilities met citizens in the center of the city.

Mr. Mitsotakis pointed out that these European elections are of great importance.

“You have heard me repeat many times why there must be a significant turnout of citizens at the ballot box. The reason is simple: in the next 5 years, very important decisions will be made in Europe, which will affect the lives of all of us, and we want the New Democracy, powerful in the European Parliament, in the European institutions, to always negotiate for the benefit of the Greek citizens the best we can succeed from Europe”, he underlined.

And he added:

“Besides, we don’t forget that we are the party of Europe. Konstantinos Karamanlis was the one who put Greece in Europe exactly 45 years ago. Europe is present everywhere in our lives, not only because a large percentage of the laws passed in the Greek Parliament have initially been co-shaped at the European level, but because Europe, through convergence policies, is the one that has enabled us to get closer to European average”.

The Prime Minister also noted that it is true that we have not always used Europe as we should.

“And this government came to speed up this process again, to get closer to Europe, at all levels. And, above all, to build again what we had lost during the crisis years: Greek credibility and Greek pride. When I come to the European Council today, we are no longer seen as the ‘black sheep’ of Europe, we are seen, on the contrary, as Europe’s pleasant surprise in terms of our economic performance. And this, obviously, gives us other strength and other possibilities.”

Mr. Mitsotakis asked citizens this past week to focus on the goal of convincing those who voted ND in the May and June elections that they should go to the polls and do exactly the same again.

“Because essentially this one year we have done nothing other than implement our government program. And now is not the opportunity, these European elections, neither for the expression of any individual dissatisfaction, nor for any complaint.

Now we need first and foremost the rallying of the friends of New Democracy to achieve our goal:

To be the big winners again on the night of the elections, with such a percentage that will not allow anyone to question our political sovereignty – this was formed with your vote in the national elections of June 2023 -, not to give them mainly the possibility to start speaking again with a language that Greek society has rejected”, he underlined.

And he added:

“Because what we are hearing today from the opposition is nothing else than what we have been hearing for the last few years. They haven’t changed substantially. They may have a new communication wrapper, but their discourse is still marked by division, by toxicity, by populism, and by unfulfilled promises.

I want us to send them a message which will not only be a message of support for New Democracy, it will also be a second message that we will never return to the difficult period, the traumatic period of the memorandums, because that is exactly where their inexpensive promises are leading us. So it’s very important on the evening of June 9, a week from now.”

The Prime Minister said that in this last week of the pre-election period, he will continue to shoot all over Greece until the last day.

“I will be in Crete tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, then in Macedonia, to talk on the one hand about the achievements of this government, on the other hand about the need for Greece’s voice to be strong in Europe the next day. We know how to negotiate in Europe.

We proved it with the Recovery Fund, with our migration policy, with our interventions at many levels of European politics, where Greece no longer speaks only keeping in mind what is in the best interests of our country, but co-shapes European policies as a whole. We will do the same after June 9,” he said.

And he emphasized:

“So let’s take care first and above all to rally our own base, to fight abstinence and this sense of indifference that these European elections are not that important. They are of great importance and in this I need the help of all of you: Our parliamentarians, who this time should run and fight without the stress of the cross, our party officials, especially each and every one of them”

Mr. Mitsotakis also addressed the young people who are voting for the first time. First he wished them good luck in the exams.

“A difficult road, a beautiful struggle, we support first and foremost public education. We want to give the young children the opportunity to study in a public university where the “buffoons” will not command, but those who advocate knowledge and freedom of expression.

So, I also want to remind the new children that the children who were born in 2007 are voting for the first time in these elections, that they should also participate in the elections. You saw; It makes you feel a little old sometimes, but that’s the reality, we trust the new generation,” he said and pointed out:

“You remember when they said before the elections, “New Democracy is not doing well for the young generation” and the results came and they were disproved. For the new generation we are fighting, for you, for the new children, to live a life better than that of your parents”.