Italians can also tomorrow Sunday from 07:00 am. until 11:00 pm to vote. It is the first time that for the European elections, the whole process starts from Saturday. According to the latest opinion polls, the conservative alliance that governs the country is expected to secure a total of around 45% of the votes. Meloni’s party, “Brothers of Italy”, according to pollsters, is first and “convinces” 27% of voters. As for the opposition, the center-left of the “Democratic Party” in the gallop is at 21%, the “Five Stars” at 16.5% and the Left with the Environmentalists at 4.3%.

Georgia Meloni’s dominance does not appear to be under threat. The Italian Prime Minister has characterized some of Marine Le Pen’s positions as “interesting” and from Monday she hopes to play an essential role in shaping the new balances in Brussels. Shortly before midnight, he also posted a video on Instagram. A last-minute, implicit as well as overt, political ad: he is in a fruit shop and asks the owner “what are the cherries on the counter called”. He doesn’t speak but points to a small sign that says “Georgia variety.” Similar methods, that is, to those he had used in the parliamentary elections of 2022.

In the last hours of the election campaign, however, the tones rose noticeably. From the League, Matteo Salvini lashed out at French President Emmanuel Macron. He called him a “criminal” and added: “let him wear a military helmet to go to Ukraine. We don’t send our children.” The war in the Middle East and especially in Ukraine was a major issue in the Italian election campaign. The governing parties, here in Rome, have insisted that no Italian troops will be sent to the front, and no Italian weapons will be used for attacks against Russia.

Finally, there is great concern about a possible increase in abstinence due to the exceptional weather conditions that may tempt Italians for short “getaways”. In other words, they should prefer beaches and destinations in the countryside and not the call of the ballot box.