The election result was a topic in the Turkish media, as reported by Manolis Kostidis from Istanbul.

On the state television TRT it was reported: “In the European elections in Greece, the ruling New Democracy party won. Mitsotakis announced that his party did not achieve its goals”.

En son haber reported: “In the European elections in Greece, the ‘Turkish’ party came first in Komotini and Xanthi. KIEF is first in 2 of the 3 laws of western Thrace”.

Graduation ceremony of Muslim religious schools in Hagia Sophia

Erdogan Heard Prayers and Quran Reading – Thousands of Religious School Students in Hagia Sophia

BEYAZ TV: Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended a religious school graduation ceremony and the graduates read verses and prayers from the Koran. Hands were opened to the heavens and prayers were heard. The graduation ceremony of the Anatolian Religious School was held in the Hagia Sophia Mosque with the presence of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Turkish media: “The US presence in Greece is a threat to Turkey”

“The Blue Homeland is our strategy in the Aegean. The Greeks are militarizing the islands and threatening Turkey’s interests”

MESUT KHAKI JASIN – STRATEGIC ANALYST: The US opened 20 bases in Greece! Have here 76 Apache attack helicopters, In Alexandroupolis they have 1000 tanks. They have Lemnos. Together with the islands, as with Rhodes, they go to create the first line of defense, the second line and the third line. With these bases and the missiles they have, they aim to hit Turkey and Istanbul

GYUNGIOR YAVOUSASLAN- JOURNALIST: Greece, ‘in the sea of ​​islands’ (Aegean), is violating Turkey’s rights. We in this region have created a Blue Homeland strategy and we must not retreat from this strategy to defend our rights and interests.

Turkish analysts: We are buying F-16s as other countries run multiple programs

“They didn’t give us the F-35s and we had to ask for F-16s”

METEHAN DEMIR – JOURNALIST: Turkey decided to get the F-16 Block-70 as it saw the armament programs of other countries in the region. The opponents. Basically he did not have a plan for the F-16 but after he was excluded from the F-35 and saw that he would not be able to get them then he decided to turn to the F-16 to meet the needs of the Air Force after 2030. As Ankara’s goal was to replace the F-16s with the F-35s.

OZAI SENDIR- DIRECTOR. MILLIYET NEWSPAPER: If the Americans are trying to tell us “look how good allies we are, as we give you the F-16s”, then they should also talk about the 1.5 billion dollars we gave for the F-35s, as well as for the sanctions of. S-400. Since they are building an F-16 factory in India while they are buying S-400s. We have to talk about this with the US ambassador, don’t let them tell us that they are good allies. We know it’s not exactly like that.