By Antonis Anzoletou

Making his mark on the next day of the European elections, Alexis Tsipras called on the parties of the Left and the Center Left to give more space to “togetherness”, warning that anyone who ignores this demand of society, will see the developments pass him by. He spoke of the need to create a “victorious progressive alliance” adding that reality forces the parties of the Left and the Center-Left to “learn addition and multiplication and let go of subtraction and division”.

The resounding “bell” that the former prime minister rang at the conclusion of the proceedings of the international conference organized by his Institute concerns the entire debate that has begun at home both about the danger from the rise of the Far Right and the alliances that must be formed in order to the New Democracy to be defeated.

He underlined the necessity of convergences against the Far Right and the opposition both at home and in Europe, while he spoke about the weaknesses and shortcomings of the domestic progressive space, calling it a duty to undertake “bold initiatives”.

Analyzing the election result, Mr. Tsipras estimated that “it is a turning point”. “Citizens massively turned their backs on the political system,” he stressed, “and we must face the truth: We are all responsible for this development. The whole political system. With decisive yes, but not exclusive, responsibilities of the right-wing government” remarked the former president of SYRIZA, adding that “progressive forces, however, cannot remain apathetic in these circumstances. Nor should they neutralize each other with useless and barren civilians.”

Alexis Tsipras also referred to the current split in the progressive space: “It is extremely dangerous for parties flirting with racism, homophobia, extreme nationalism, and even fascism to be strengthened as a second cumulative force next to a right-wing government. . And at the same time, the progressive forces of the country should remain fragmented and entrenched, each in its own complacency.”

Alexis Tsipras’ speech concerns the discussions that will begin in the next period of time about the scope that exists between SYRIZA and PASOK – and not only – to cooperate with a horizon of 2027. The landscape seems to be cloudy, as there is nothing concrete on the table and what is certain is that if the leaders do not sit down to discuss and come to a road map, nothing can progress.

In Koumoundourou there is “murmur” about it result of the ballot box of June 9 and the absence from today of Stefanos Kasselakis in the USA already caused an embarrassment to executives.

In the PASOK things are even more difficult, as it is put directly subject of dispute by Nikos Androulakis and the next 11 days are very critical.

Today will meet the Political Council and on the 30th of the month the final decisions will be taken by the Central Committee.

Will polls be held in the fall or can the president of PASOK, with the majority of the top governing body, extend the elections to the end of 2025 where the party congress was scheduled to take place anyway?

Many of the intentions that exist both at the leadership level and on the part of the “dolphins” will manifest themselves today.