“In the face of far-right hate speech, progressive citizens cannot remain apathetic,” he says. Stefanos Kasselakis, in a post on his social media, giving thanks “those democratic citizens found themselves yesterday not on my side, but on the right side of History condemning the Middle Ages”.

The president of SYRIZA PS mentions in particular, that “The time has come for the Middle Ages expressed by the Kougies of this place to be condemned by Greek justice as well. The time has come for whoever associates the LGBTI+ community with the word “junta” to get his answer.” He emphasizes that “it is not a personal bet. It is society’s need to win the hope of an inclusive world against intolerance”.

Mr. Kasselakis calls them “progressive lawyers who want to take criminal and civil action against Mr. Kouya”, to send a message to his personal accounts or to [email protected] “and together let’s go to justice, to defeat hate.” He notes that whatever compensation is won, he will donate it to battered women’s shelters – “since the “maleness” of the abuser caused this case.”

In the form of a postscript, it states that the MPs of SYRIZA PS are working on an amendment to tighten the framework on racist speech.