“Every month, the Ministry of Social Cohesion and Family supports hundreds of thousands of families and our vulnerable fellow citizens with a series of allowances and benefits, totaling 300 million euros,” said the minister, Sofia Zaharaki, speaking to ERT regarding the extraordinary taxation of surplus profits of the refineries which will be directed to the support of mainly pensioners, who due to the personal difference do not benefit from the projected increase in pensions.

THE Sophia Zacharakispointed out that it is the third time that the government directs the income from the taxation of excess profits to the support of the most vulnerable.

“The prime minister announced that taxation on the surplus profits of the refineries will go to our vulnerable fellow citizens. Let me remind you that this is not the first time, but the third, that the extraordinary taxation is aimed at the weak and now specifically at the pensioners who still have the personal difference”, noted the minister.

Ms. Zaharaki referred to the government’s housing policy and especially to the programs implemented by the Ministry of Social Cohesion and Family, such as “My House” and “Renovate-Rent”.

“The “My Home” program is being implemented extremely well, and at the moment we have 6,546 loan disbursements amounting to 630.5 million euros”, while he also recalled the commitment of the Prime Minister, in order to exhaust the negotiation with the EU so as to secure the 2 billion euros for the next phase of the program.

Regarding the “Renovate – Rent” program, which was designed to increase the stock of houses for rent, the minister said that “we are planning the changes with an increase in the subsidy. We are studying for it to reach from 40% to 60% and to be able to give a boost to the program so that those who have a closed apartment in the last 3 years renovate it and give it to a long-term lease”. He made it known that the applications that have been made so far to “Renovate-Rent” amount to 1,551 applications, of which 841 have been approved.