Antipas: “Olympiacos will go for a striker even if El Kaabi stays”

Antipas: “Olympiacos will go for a striker even if El Kaabi stays”

The latest news from the Olympiakos report was conveyed through him News Bulletin 247 o Heraklis Antipas.

The station’s reporter initially referred to the publication from Latin America which speaks of Olympiakos’ interest in River Plate’s Michel Angel Borja, while he continued by referring to Ayoub El Kaabi and the proposal that the “red and whites” have submitted to him. In fact, he noted that even if Olympiacos succeeds in securing the Moroccan’s stay, he will also move for another striker: “Olympiacos is looking at the Latin American market. Mporha was also proposed in 2017. The big goal is the stay of El Kaabi, there is a clause under one million euros. Olympiacos is trying it and the proposal is very good. Even if El Kaabi stays, he will go for another striker.”

Then Heraklis Antipas referred to the addition of Stamenic, the chances of Ibora staying, but also the data that exists regarding the stays of Orta, Karmo and Podense: “Stamenic is a midfielder who passes the ball through his feet a lot. Let’s not be sure that Ibora will leave. The cases for Karmos and Orta are open. He wants to keep those two and Podense. Their desire to stay is an ally. Soon the decisions on which U19 players in the preparation.”

Source: Sport Fm

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