For coup plots designed by the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, says the elected mayor of Heimarra and ND MEP, Fredis Beleris, in a statement he issued regarding the decision of the Albanian Court of Appeal.

The appeals court of Tirana decided that Fredis Beleris will remain in prison for two years according to the first instance decision.

The full statement of Fredis Beleris:

“The decision of the Court of Appeal was expected, as the coup plot against me was planned at every step by the Albanian prime minister himself.

One thing, however, is certain: the travesty of justice with a prosecution witness who confessed to being paid by the Albanian police to testify falsely, a court barred from entering Greece due to falsification of documents and an appointed and not drawn president of the Court of Appeal, does not end here. I have already started the appeal procedures at the European Court of Justice in Strasbourg and I am confident that the justice that was not served by the Rama regime will be served there.

With my conviction, Edi Rama achieved his goal of not taking office as the elected Mayor of Heimarra, so that he could carry out his plans and seize the properties of the Greeks in the area.

Unfortunately for him and fortunately for the Hellenism of the North, my presence in the European Parliament – thanks to the determination of Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the support of the Greek people – guarantees that the fight for democracy and the rule of law will continue.

Those who harbored delusions that Rama will act as the leader of a country that wants to join the European family, rather than another authoritarian leader, have been disproved.

As far as I am concerned, my position is clear. As I did not bend in the last 14 months, so I will not bend now, in the remaining 3-4 months. Eddie Rama will have the problem from now on, not me.

In the end, light always wins over darkness.”