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Dendias: We will do everything we can to bring the Greek consul back safely to Greece


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The commitment of the Greek government to do what it can for the safe return of the Greek consul in Greece, Nikos Dendias expressed during his meeting with the OSCE Secretary General Helga Schmidt. The Greek consul is currently under siege by Russian forces in Mariupol at the OSCE building.

The Foreign Minister also referred to the meeting he had with his British counterpart Liz Tras, emphasizing that the United Kingdom remains an important geopolitical player.

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The Dendia statement in detail

“I had a long discussion with the OSCE Secretary General, Helga Schmidt, on the main issues concerning Mariupol and the security of the Greek Consul who is currently hosted at the OSCE building in Mariupol (statements after the meeting with the OSCE Secretary General OSCE). We will do everything we can to bring the Greek consul back safely to Greece. On this occasion, I would like to express my warm thanks to the Greek diplomats, who, at the risk of their lives, tried to evacuate Greek citizens and expatriates from Ukraine at this difficult time. From there, we made an overview of the extremely difficult and unpleasant situation. The Russian invasion has caused huge problems. And we discussed how we can address some of their aspects. The United Kingdom, although outside the EU, remains a very important geopolitical player. It was the 4th time I met with a British Foreign Secretary, in this case with Liz Trass, in the almost 3 years that I have been Greek Foreign Minister. This time we met under the state of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and discussed the enormous security problems that this invasion creates for both our countries and for world peace and security. We talked about the Western Balkans, the Sahel, North Africa, Libya and the Middle East. “We also talked about how humanity can get out of this huge adventure that the Russian invasion has brought us.”

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