Mitsotaki-Erdogan meeting: The menu with halva and sea bass


Halva with straw and sea bass was included in the menu of the meal that the Greek Prime Minister had with the Turkish President.

As Manolis Kostidis mentioned in his report, due to the snowstorm in Turkey in the last few days, the fishermen did not go out to sea, with the result that the menu does not have turbot as it was initially said.

However, in the city it is customary to eat this particular halva, which was also liked by the Greek delegation

Why did the Greek prime minister take off his tie?

Mr. Mitsotakis arrived at the dinner with Erdogan wearing his tie, but took it off as the weather was very relaxed, with the Turkish president showing him the Bosphorus and the bridges.

According to the report, the atmosphere was so good that the two leaders talked constantly and almost did not have time to drink water.

Another detail, indicative of the good climate, is that at the end of the meal, Tayyip Erdogan overtook Kyriakos Mitsotakis, walking with him about 200 meters to his car.

The menu and the halva that drove the Greek mission crazy

The leaders of Greece – Turkey, according to the report, ate salted sea bass, political halva, with straw and not with semolina and rocket salad. The halva, in fact, particularly impressed the entire Greek delegation.

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