Bajevic’s records that Martins is preparing to break


The first of the records that Dusan Bajevic had on the bench of Olympiakos was equalized by Pedro Martins, in the (2-1) victory of Piraeus over Aris in the premiere of the Super League playoffs.

Specifically, the Portuguese coach reached 208 appearances in the “red and whitesas much as the Serbian-Greek coach.

Thus, Martins on 20/3 in Ioannina with PAS, will have the opportunity to write his own story, since he will be the only one first in the relevant list and will break a record that until a few years ago seemed inaccessible!

Beyond that, there are three other performances by Bajevic that Pedro Martins will break or equal until the final of this season.

The total victories: Bajevic has 144, while Martins with yesterday reached 139.

The victories in the A ‘National / Super League: With yesterday’s dominance on Mars, the Portuguese reached 101 and further reduced the difference from the Serbo-Greek who had stopped at 107.

The matches in the A ‘National / Super League: This record will be equaled in the last game of the playoffs, since Bajevic had 138 and Martins is now at 129. As soon as the Portuguese remains at Olympiakos, this record will be broken in the premiere of the next league.

It is worth noting that Martins has long been the coach of Olympiacos with the most games (54) and the most victories (23) in Europe, while he is preparing to celebrate the third consecutive championship. Something that only Bajevic managed in the past, in the three years 1996/1999.

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