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Parliament: The bill for the new NSRF was voted by a majority


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The discussion is over and vote of bill of Ministry of Developmentfor new NSRF, which was approved by a majority. ND and KINAL voted in favor of the principle of the bill, while SYRIZA, KKE, EL.LY and MeRA25 voted against.

The focus of the confrontation between the government and the opposition was the direction of the new community resources and yesterday the announcements of the prime minister, with the new measures to support vulnerable social groups to deal with the energy crisis.

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Closing the debate, the Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis, rejected the accusations of the government’s inaction in dealing with its accuracy and tolerance towards cartels, while calling on the parties to give their positive vote for the progress of its new development programs. NSRF.

“To say as candy that we serve the cartels is both false and unfair. It is obvious that this government serves the interests of the Greek people. Our faction remains a deeply popular faction in the average Greek and remains by his side. The Greek people will judge us all when the time for elections comes. And he will judge extremely fairly because he can recognize who works and who is fair. Because the controversy for the controversy will not do us any good. It has not worked out well for us in the past. “Bidding is fatal and it can be very dangerous for all of us”, underlined Mr. Georgiadis and concluded:

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“The bill will only bring benefits to the Greek citizens from the thousands of programs for the municipalities, the Regions, the companies. All of them will have access to the programs. And it will be a very nice political message, if all the political forces give their positive vote and allow the issuance of the new programs of the NSRF “.


The parliamentary representative of ND, Christos Boukoros, claimed that the aim of the package of measures announced by the government is to mitigate the effects of the energy crisis and accused the opposition of being limited to uninformed proposals, which endanger the country’s fiscal balance. “No one in the government, not even the prime minister, is questioning the energy crisis, nor are we claiming that the announced measures will cover all the problems facing our fellow citizens. “What we are doing is mitigating the effects through an exercise of fiscal balance, so that we do not become the target of speculators”, stressed Mr. Bukoros and added:

“The opposition claims that it is making ‘realistic proposals’, but without giving convincing answers as to where the money will be found for further supportive measures. Where will the money come from when there is a reduction in consumption? How is this going to be done; You do not give an answer. We can not see the image of the moment. The measures announced concern a quarter. We must keep forces. We can not put all the ammunition on the table. The energy crisis came before the war, which simply worsened the situation. Of course, we would also like the support measures to be more extensive in order to help vulnerable citizens with an annual income of less than 30,000 euros. But we have to explain where the money will be found. ”

“With the aid measures we support the agricultural sector, reducing the special taxes on fertilizers and animal feed. They do not solve all the problems of the farmers, but they give a breath to the primary sector. There is no solution to submit the Greek people to a competitive framework for who will make the biggest proposal, without explaining where the money will be found. The Prime Minister spoke about the need for energy independence. In any case, with care for the course of the country, we prepare the measures using all the possibilities of the economy in order to mitigate the effects of the energy crisis “, concluded Mr. Boukoros.


“Since he is not doing well with his economists, let him at least change astrologers. “Maybe the astrologers will explain to him why the crises we are experiencing are not temporary”, the parliamentary representative of SYRIZA, Euclides Tsakalotos, argued for the prime minister.

At the same time he spoke of “visible dividing lines between the right and the left”: “The government has taken some measures. I do not say that it is crumbs, because what you give to vulnerable social groups is in principle something positive. “But these measures taken by the government are neither enough, nor do they have the right mix.”

“It’s not true – continued Mr. Tsakalotos – what the government says, that the reason why no more is given has to do with budgetary constraints. Because, for example, an owner with 4 properties with an objective value of 300,000 euros each currently pays an additional ENFIA of 7,425 euros. “With the new regime announced yesterday by the government, the specific owner will not pay an additional tax but an increase in ENFIA, which will definitely not be 7,500 euros”, said Mr. Tsakalotos.

“Everything is a matter of priorities. It is not just what you spend but also deciding what you do and for whom you do it. You do not want to interfere in the markets, because you do not believe in planning, only in self-regulation, with some gifts to your own. But in order to have the quality and quantity of investments, we need planning and intervention in the market. “It is time and all the parties of the Left must realize that, for a government with broad support to come, which believes that you have to work with the society for the society”, concluded Mr. Tsakalotos.

The head of Development and Investment and SYRIZA MP, Alexis Haritsis, described the government package of measures as “insufficient and disproportionate to the needs created by the unprecedented wave of accuracy.”

“Unless there is a decisive state intervention to stop the cartel speculation party, no bonus aid will be going to relieve society. “Unless there is a reduction in the Excise Tax on fuel and natural gas, as most EU countries do today, households and businesses will not see substantial relief,” Mr Haritsis added. It is also noted the repetition by the general rapporteur of SYRIZA, Haris Mamoulakis, of his party’s proposal for the establishment of a special cross-party committee in Parliament, to monitor the implementation and absorption of funds from the NSRF and the Recovery Fund.


KINAL’s special spokesman, Apostolos Panas, accused the government of legislating late and with half measures.

“The new measures of a subsidiary nature, taken by the Government in order to protect households from punctuality and scandal, are anything but sufficient. There are budgetary margins and there is a need to take permanent and effective measures, with targeted interventions to absorb the increased energy costs. “The general and ineffective measures intensify fiscal easing,” Panas said.

Mr. Panas also spoke about the operational weaknesses of the bill and stressed the need to further strengthen the capacity of regional and local authorities to implement comprehensive economic and social development plans and support small and medium-sized innovative enterprises.


The special spokesperson of the KKE, Diamanto Manolakou, spoke about “measures of mockery of the Greek people”.

“It turned out that the treasure is coal with the announced measures. “Price increases skyrocketed with the imperialist war, and the government is making fun of the crumbs it is pursuing by pursuing anti-popular European policies,” he said. not the abolition of taxes on specific consumer products “.

Ms. Manolakou also spoke about “SYRIZA’s consent to the anti-popular policy, which does not make a fair distribution of funds by supporting society, but distributes them once again among the big business groups. The goal is for the new European packages to be distributed easily, quickly and without barriers and controls in the capital and not to meet the needs of the people “, said Ms. Manolakou.


The special speaker of the Hellenic Solution, Vassilis Viliardos, also sharply criticized the government, accusing the government of not having a development plan for the country, but only for its few select businessmen.

He also spoke about the many vagueness and ambiguities of the bill and argued that there are many questions about the Recovery Fund which is exempt from the law and will be monitored by the Superfund. “The sooner this government leaves, the better for the country, because they do not need useless benefits, but wealth that is shared fairly. “And we do not consider this government capable of managing either the NSRF or the funds for the CAP”, stressed Mr. Billiardos.


Finally, the special speaker of MeRA25, Kriton Arsenis, claimed that “the bill is another attempt of the government to control the joints of power and not to let any self-employed or household or small and medium entrepreneur escape”.

“You do not face the huge accuracy that leads to the closure of small and medium enterprises, but you use it as an opportunity to gather in the hands of a few business groups and predators,” said Mr. Arsenis.

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