Dendia Meets with UN Secretary General and Consul General in Mariupol: Proud of Manolis Androulakis


Foreign Minister meets with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Saturday Nikos Dendias, while immediately after leaving the office of the Secretary General he stated that he had the opportunity to speak and welcome the Consul General in Mariupol, Manoli Androulaki. Mr. Dendias stated that he had the opportunity to welcome him and thank him warmly for his services, for the sacrifices to which he made himself in the effort to protect the Greek community. “I will be very happy to see him as soon as I return to Athens, but I told him what I said in the Greek Parliament. That we are very proud of him. ” The Prime Minister also contacted Mr. Androulakis.

Regarding his meeting with the Secretary General. At the UN, the Foreign Minister commented that “we had a long conversation. First of all, we discussed, of course, the developments in Ukraine, and I had the opportunity to inform him about the enormous difficulties, the incredible dangers that the Greek community faces in this region. I begged him, for his good services, to safeguard as much as possible the life and property of these people “.

From there and beyond, as you understand, Mr. Dendias continued, we discussed the Cyprus issue, the relations with Turkey, Libya, and I had the opportunity to inform him about the three Greek candidacies, that is, our candidacy for the Council. Security, our candidacy for the Presidency of the United Nations General Assembly in 2035, but also the candidacy that we will announce immediately after this visit to the Human Rights Council for the period 2028-30.

“Greece believes in the Charter of the United Nations, and wants to participate in the most active way in the implementation of these principles, which the Charter includes, that is, the principles of International Law and the International Law of the Sea ” was the message of Nikos Dendias.

Asked about the Greek community in Ukraine, the Foreign Minister clarified that “our resources are very limited. “They come first from Caritas, the organization of the Catholic Church and from various individuals.” “The situation is extremely difficult, as you know there was a hit at the Mariupol theater and there were 1,200 people in the basement of the theater. We do not know how many victims there were, but we are described as a very dramatic situation, “he noted.

“A lot of efforts are being made from all sides “to end the Russian invasion and return to a situation in which human life and human rights will be protected.”

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