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Syros: Raising the Flag in Memory of the 100th Anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe


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In the presence of the Holy Clergy of Syros, the Prosecutor of the Aegean Court of Appeals, the President and the Members of the Board of the Association of Syrians of Asia Minor and the Municipal Councilor for Education Ms. Irini Drakos, representing the absent Mr. Syros from Syros . the Asia Minor Catastrophe, which was created by the Holy Diocese and which will fluctuate throughout the anniversary year 2022.

After the modest and simple ceremony, His Eminence Mr. Dorotheos II made the following statement:

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“Today is a day of emotion and honor, as we raise the flag, which our Holy Diocese made, in the central mast of our Cathedral, to wave until December of this year, to remind us all of the sacred debt that we have in memory of these saints, heroes and martyrs, who were violently uprooted from their centuries-old ancestral homes in Asia Minor, sacrificed for their homeland and remained faithful to martyrdom in their mission, such as Saints Ethnomiromitos Chrysostom and Metropolitan of Mohonissia Ambrosios Pleianthidis, Tinios, in order to guard the Thermopylae, which they did not abandon, because, as we all know, the Thermopylae are guarded, not delivered, and if something must be lost, the Thermopylae, these Thermopylae are the guards, as the famous Elder Metropolitan of Chalcedon Meliton had characteristically pointed out.

I am glad, because nowadays the Christian faith and the Orthodox Tradition have been revived in Smyrna, with the election of the Metropolitan of Smyrna Mr. Bartholomew, by the Ecumenical Patriarchate, but also with the renovation of the Holy Temple of Agios Vouleos, !

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Let us never forget the responsibility we have towards the sacrifices and the memory of these people, who were either slaughtered in the Ionian land, or uprooted from the bloody soils of Asia Minor, thousands of whom hosted our blessed islands, especially the Metropolitan Syros and the Holy Island of Tinos.

Our Holy Diocese will participate in the Events, which will be organized by the active Association of Asia Minor of Syros-Ermoupolis. “

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