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George Papandreou: The war in Ukraine is a confrontation between totalitarianism and democracy


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“Greece, with a broad cross-party consensus, took a stance that is in line with our values ​​and tradition. “We could not have taken a lukewarm stance against an invasion that destroys lives and violates basic human rights, based on a revisionist logic, against the fundamental principles of international law,” said former Prime Minister George Papandreou. at the meeting of the KINAL Central Committee.

Mr Papandreou stressed that the war in Ukraine “is a confrontation not between the West and the East, but between totalitarianism and democracy. “And it shows, once again in history, not only how dangerous authoritarian regimes are, but also how vulnerable and fragile democracy is.”

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The former prime minister spoke of the failures of the forces that were on the side of the winner after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but noted that nothing can justify what is happening and there is no room for compensation for the clearly existing mistakes of the West in various cases.

He also pointed out that we should not miss the special symbolism of Odessa, where the Friendly Society was born and on this occasion he drew a parallel between the vision of Rigas Feraios and Putin’s aspirations. As he characteristically said: “Against Putin’s despotism, Rigas Feraios would respond with radical and direct democracy. In the face of Putin’s barbarism, Rigas would promote the “universality of the human being and his rights.” In the face of the “Russianization” of the Ukrainians that Putin is seeking, through the violence and the imposition of tanks and missiles, Rigas Feraios would see a Greek state, which he called Greek not because of imposition but because of universal values, timeless Greek values. That is, a state of education and principles, a state of democracy, in which Greeks, Bulgarians, Armenians, Turks, Jews, Vlachs and Albanians live harmoniously and equally, as he wrote. A state of VIRTUE “.

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Explaining the EU’s reaction, George Papandreou said: “he felt inwardly the threat of its basic principles, the rule of law instead of the law of the strong, human rights and respect for the law, which if they collapse, the structure of Europe will collapse. and so, we return to barbarism. “

Regarding the attitude of the progressive forces, he pointed out that the challenge that is created is greater for the progressive space. “In order to mobilize, we need a vision, and to believe that Change, yes, is possible,” he said, adding: “In the face of these great challenges, we have an opportunity. Opportunity at a time when the supposedly modernized policy of the right, of the SW, is being demystified, but also the lack of vision, direction and identity of SYRIZA. PASOK has the opportunity but also the obligation, not just to fill the political gap of others, but to form a new narrative, a new vision for Hellenism. “PASOK was a pioneering party and at the same time, patriotic.”

He argued that the party should become more open and participatory and function democratically at all levels through fruitful dialogue with innovative ideas.

“The situation is on our side. From our choices, our unity in principles, values ​​and ideals, from our action, from our ideas, but above all from the truly progressive perceptions and practices that should accompany them, as well as our operation, will be judged all. This is our great challenge. “And our responsibility is great,” he concluded.

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