Tsipras tour of Egaleo market: I am afraid that the effects of the war in Ukraine are not yet visible


The president of SYRIZA-PS had a tour of the Egaleo market and a discussion with consumers and shopkeepers on Thursday morning. Alexis Tsipras. Traders and consumers described the difficult situation in the market and expressed their complaints. According to Koumoundourou’s press release, “shopkeepers in the area spoke of a huge drop in traffic in the market since November, which peaked after the holidays, resulting in a sharp drop in turnover.”

A merchant, who, as he mentioned, maintains a store in Egaleo for 60 years, told the president of SYRIZA that “We are talking about accounts that can not stand. When people pay for PPC, gas, petrol, supermarkets, what is left for me? I’m 60 years on the spot. Memoranda, pandemic, how long can we endure? The owner of a women’s clothing store adds: “No work, as if we were not there all winter. As if the shops were closed … “.

Another store owner expressed fears of even more difficult days: “Now everyone is in a state of survival. If this situation continues, in a short time they will close one after the other, since we are at half the turnover “.
Another shopkeeper stigmatized the fact that “there is no empathy but only propaganda”. A coffee owner told Alexis Tsipras: “… If this situation continues, many will not be able to survive.” A municipal employee expressed his own difficult position: “My salary is 1,000 euros and my PPC bill came from 250 euros to 680 euros. How will I make a month?

In his statement after the tour, Alexis Tsipras blamed the government and personally the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, blaming him that “Lies, shows tolerance for cartels” and accuses the opposition of populism. “For seven months now we have been shouting, complaining that there is a scandal and a cartel in the energy. A month ago in Parliament, I asked him to intervene and he told me that there are no super profits. Following the decision of the Commission and the directive that gave the taxation of these super profits in all the countries of the European Union, he was forced yesterday to shout that there are some profits, but we do not know where we will find them. One and a half billion euros in the last seven months. This is exactly Mitsotaki who lives the Greek people, the citizens, the consumers who get the electricity bills. “Which has led to accuracy in all basic consumption items, as inflation has climbed over 7%.”

Mr Tsipras expressed fears that the effects of the war on Ukraine have not yet become visible in the market, and added: “The country can not proceed like this. We need an emergency plan, to rebuild society, to support small and medium-sized enterprises, to tackle this unprecedented wave of precision. Dealing with the filthy profit of PPC with the blue children and the golden boys who receive salaries from 8,000 to 28,000 euros, but also of the individuals who treasure the back of the consumer “.

He accused the government that “it is obvious that such an emergency plan, Mr. Mitsotakis and his ministers who advocate market self-regulation, can not even imagine, not of course implement.”

In closing, he reiterated his position that “only a progressive government, with a social sign, which aims and plans to support society, with strong state intervention in the market, can face this difficult situation. It is not only necessary to reduce the VAT on fuel, VAT on food, increase the minimum wage to 800 euros, but now the wholesale price of energy, the retail price to the consumer, and the profits must be taxed. . To support the society so that we can have perspective as a country and as a people “.

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