Government: “No” more measures, no relaxation – Satisfaction for significant increase in vaccinations |


The decision not to take further restrictive measures has been taken, government sources clarify. The goal, clarifies Maximou, is to continue the strategy, which is already being followed. It is stressed, however, that the restrictions that apply to the unvaccinated in view of the Christmas season, and in this case the ban on their access to indoor areas for dining and entertainment, will not be relaxed.

Citing the available data from the main indicators of the coronavirus pandemic, in Maximou they find according to information a tendency of stabilization and reduction of cases compared to the previous week, an indication, which, as it is said, probably means that we are experiencing the last days of its peak fourth pandemic wave. At the same time, satisfaction is expressed for the significant increase in the number of appointments for both the first installment and the reminder, while it is emphasized that the government commitments for continuous support of the NSS remain in force, where and when it is deemed necessary.

The government believes that the strategy followed – this mix of measures – is bearing fruit. Regarding the sad issue of coronavirus losses, the government refers to a special briefing on the issue, which will reportedly be made on Thursday by the president of EODY, Theoklis Zaoutis, and in this case on the comparative data of deaths in various European countries. , as it is noted, not all countries record losses from Covid by the same criteria. According to the report, moreover, only today, about 700,000 diagnostic tests were performed in our country, a fact that makes our country a champion in this issue, as it is typically called.

It is noted that at this time the meeting of the committee of the plenary session of experts was scheduled to put on the table the latest data on the pandemic.

As of November 15, the number of patients admitted to hospitals amounted to 442, while discharges due to cure to 125. COVID bed coverage reached 90%, while COVID bed coverage 59.10%.


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