SYRIZA for French elections: Political far-right threat to democracy in Europe


“The results of the French elections show the magnitude of the political threat to democracy in Europe, which is the far right,” said SYRIZA-PS.

In his announcement on French elections notes, further, that “the strong presence of the Left with the extremely high percentage of Melanson, at a time when the candidates of the traditional parties of the Right and the Social Democracy almost disappearedis positive news “.

He stresses, however, that “it is a pity that the fragmentation of the wider Left does not allow it to enter the second round, instead of the Extreme Right Le Pen”.

SYRIZA emphasizes that “it is necessary for Lepen to lose the elections” and “the far right as a whole, in Europe”. But he stressed that “this alone is not enough” and that “neoliberal policies in Europe must be defeated”, as the rule of neoliberalism exacerbates inequalities, social exclusion and insecurity. It feeds the forces of nationalism and the far right. “

SYRIZA-PS notes that “the progressive forces through cooperation and joint struggles must pave the way for a Europe of justice and solidarity” and concludes: “The EU. it will either be social and democratic, or it will be deconstructed. ”

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