Panathinaikos from Efes against Villeurbanne

Panathinaikos from Efes against Villeurbanne

The chance for “2 to 2” in the devil week has Panathinaikos, which welcomes Villeurbanne for the 7th game of the Euroleague (21:00, BwinSPORT FM,, Novasports Prime).

The “greens” come from from their best appearance this year and the imposing victory over Efes (95-69) on Wednesday, which gave them the 2nd pink card in the tournament (2-4).

With Macon raging and shoot outside the 6.75m. (34 points with 9/12 three points), the “clover” leveled the European champion in OAKA and proved that at home he can beat anyone.

In addition to the American Guard, Panathinaikos had a good night against Efes and Papagiannis, Sant-Ross and Nedovic.

On the other, Villeurbanne continues to surprise, after CSKA Moscow prevailed 70-68 in France and went up to 4-2.

In terms of racing news, Priftis does not count on the services of center Floyd, who suffered a sprain in Wednesday’s match and will not be available.

Referees of the match will be Boris Rizik (Ukraine), Tomas Travicki (Poland) and Robert Wicklicki (Czech Republic).


Slight superiority of the “clover” in the tradition, since it has 5 victories against 3 of the French. Last season, the two teams shared a pink card in their matches.


1996/1997 First Phase Panathinaikos-Villeurbanne 66-72

1996/1997 First Phase Villeurbanne-Panathinaikos 74-80

2000/2001 (Super League) First Phase Panathinaikos-Villeurbanne 86-82

2000/2001 (Super League) First Phase Villeurbanne-Panathinaikos 86-92

2019/2020 (Euroleague) Regular Season Villeurbanne-Panathinaikos 79-78

2019/2020 (Euroleague) Regular Season Panathinaikos-Villeurbanne 100-88

2020/2021 (Euroleague) Regular Season Villeurbanne-Panathinaikos 97-73

2020/2021 (Euroleague) Regular Season Panathinaikos-Villeurbanne 88-71

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