Opinion – Juca Kfouri: Liverpool and Madrid will decide the Champions League in the City of Light to illuminate football

Opinion – Juca Kfouri: Liverpool and Madrid will decide the Champions League in the City of Light to illuminate football

Saturday (28) is here, and Planeta Bola’s anxiety is immeasurable.

Liverpool and Real Madrid will decide the European Champions League, the best football tournament there is, technically much better than the World Cup, because both the Reds have a better team than the England team and the Whites are better than Spain.

On the British side, six Ears; of the Iberian, 13 —in addition to a record number, as possible in October, for democracy in Brazil.

More cups than Liverpool also have Milan with seven. Bayern Munich have the same six.

Team by team, the Englishman is slightly superior, but, shirt for shirt, there is no other as powerful as the madridista, as PSG, Chelsea and Manchester City say, who did not know how to plunge the definitive dagger and saw him heroically resurrect. .

Remember that Real started the Champions League losing, at home, in the second round, to the modest Sheriff, from Moldova.

Affirming the superiority, even if small, of the Reds goes beyond the taste of each one, because it goes through the realization that the Premier League’s demand is immensely greater than that of La Liga and that the English defense has the two best full-backs in the world. (English Alexander-Arnold and Scots Robertson) and the best defender, Dutch Van Dijk.

In the creative sector, both powerful, Croatian Modric stands out, as well as, in attack, stopping Frenchman Benzema seems an impossible task, Spanish weapons to win for the 14th time.

But the Egyptian Salah, the Senegalese Mané, and the Colombian Luis Díaz, in an inspired afternoon, are simply demolishers.

The German Jürgen Klopp and the Italian Carlo Ancelotti will hide as much as they can how they will enter the field, because what is really important is planning how they will leave the lawn of the Stade de France, in Saint-Denis, on the Parisian outskirts.

If Paris has already been worth a mass, and has continued to be worth much more since always, it is no exaggeration to say that it will host a spectacle worthy of its grandeur, capital of the world champion country.

There are Brazilians for all tastes in both squads.

Goalkeeper Alisson sticks with Belgian Courtois, Fabinho, world citizen Thiago Alcântara, and Roberto Firmino, on the bench, on one side.

Militão, Casemiro, the brilliant boys Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo, on the other, in addition to Marcelo, much more than a reserve, such is his leadership.

It’s an attraction that doesn’t end anymore to fit in just 90 minutes, or maybe 120 – that spare us the decision on the penalty mark because this is a game to be solved with the ball in progress.

I don’t know how the rare reader and the rare reader are doing.

For my part, I bought new knee pads so that I could enjoy every minute in the most comfortable way possible.


Itaquera will live on Thursday night (26) the game of the counted beans, the one in which the unsympathetic mania of saying that Corinthians’ victory over the Bolivian Always Ready reserves is mandatory, at the risk of being the scene of one of the greatest embarrassments of alvinegra history.

With Cássio or without Cássio, without Basílio and Romarinho and Emerson Sheik, with Adson or Mosquito, guaranteeing the three points and the first place in the group against the weak visiting team, which made the classification suffered, is the minimum.

What will come forward, in the round of 16 of the Libertadores, will be another 500.

Go Corinthians!

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