Opinion – Sandro Macedo: Real Madrid vs Liverpool is worth two trophies

Opinion – Sandro Macedo: Real Madrid vs Liverpool is worth two trophies

In that drab little French town called Paris, Real Madrid and Liverpool play in the Champions League final, the world’s premier club tournament (no, it’s not the Club World Cup). By the way, the winner of the game guarantees two trophies — he also takes the title at the World Cup (breakthrough); whoever wins this Libertadores will play for the vice, don’t get excited.

In the last final held in Paris, in 2006, Barcelona turned the duel against my dear Arsenal in the end, with a goal by Belletti, the unlikely hero – the game is available on HBO Max, where it was possible to review the trauma.

If I had to bet this time, I would say that Liverpool are the clear favorites. It has the great coach Jürgen Klopp, the friendliest German in the world, there is Mo Salah, who will make this game his Cup, there are two full-backs who are in the top 5 of the position, and he has an almost irresistible attacking force. Real Madrid have… some pact with the “bad thing”, the only way to explain how the team got here, eliminating PSG and Manchester City. Okay, there’s Benzema too.

And, even lacking a great protagonist (who knows, Neymar blossoms in Qatar), Brazil has a great presence of supporting players in the Champions League final. For Real, Casemiro, Militão and Vinicius Junior will start; on the side of Liverpool, we have Alisson and Fabinho. Not to mention the probable reserves on the Spanish side, Rodrygo, who can come in at the end and even make a three-pointer, or Marcelo, lately ace in lifting cups, or Roberto Firmino, on the English side, a luxury reserve.

It will be the third European final in ten days. The other two had Eintracht Frankfurt and Rangers, in the Europa League, and Roma and Feyenoord, in the newly created Conference League – very important for those who win, but which no relevant European league team wants to play, they just can’t speak out loud. .

And, looking at the teams involved, I make a suggestion for FIFA: the Champions League champion team gets… a break. Who would compete in the World Cup would be the champion of the Europa League, in this case, Eintracht Frankfurt. Palmeiras, Atlético Mineiro and Flamengo (to be in our supposed big 3) would make an excellent game against Eintracht.

Imagine if Palmeiras, champions of the 2021 Libertadores, had played in a final against Villarreal, champions of last year’s Europa League? game. Raphael Veiga and Dudu could even attack. And, if FIFA doesn’t want to call it “World” for the absence of the champion of the Champions, just find another name; Worldwide, who knows. Anything will be better than the Conference League.

The statement (in place of the interview) that Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr gave after yet another tragedy at an American school should be heard in full by all. THE Sheet posted the subtitled video. It’s already one of those mandatory moments in year-end retrospectives, it doesn’t even have to be sports.

Round 38 – Update

This columnist is shocked, but no coach has been fired in a week. Perhaps the Brazilian has reached a level of professionalism rarely seen. PVC challenge to arrive with some statistic of “record of time in which the Brazilian was without layoffs”. We continue with seven layoffs after round 7 of the tournament.

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