A walk in Vitoria for Real Madrid

A walk in Vitoria for Real Madrid

In a good workout for Real Madrid the away match against Baskonia, as the “Queen” was leveling, prevailing 88-60 and rose to 10-2, consolidating its presence in the first places.

The Madrilenians had polyphony in all areas, with Hertel standing out, as in just 18 minutes he recorded 12 points and 9 assists, while Kozer (13p.), Tavares (12p.) and Albalde (5p., 11p.) followed in performance.

For the Basques, who never claimed the match, Fontecchio and Enoch had 14 points.

As far as the match is concerned, in fact there has never been any real competition. After the initial 9-9, Real Madrid started to raise its performance standards and slowly built the necessary differences (11-21) to clear the match early, ending the first period at 14-25.

The pattern in the second period did not change, the “merenches” were constantly increasing the difference (20-37, 26-45, 31-50), finishing the half at 34-53, judging the victory from the first half.

In the second half, Baskonia could never return to lower values ​​of the difference, the third period ended with the imposing 47-71 with the guests doing a simple training in the rest of the match reaching 60-88.

The ten minutes: 14-25, 34-53, 47-71, 60-88

Basconia-Real Madrid 60-88

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