PAS-AEK: With the people of Epirus, the Union wants victory at all costs


“Battle” with great interest in Ioannina. THE ΠΑΣ welcomes at 19:30 (Novasports Prime, bwinΣΠΟΡ FM 94.6, the AEK in the context of the 11th game of the Super League.

On the one hand, the very consistent and this year Epirusians, who come from the triumph with the 5-0 on Mars in “Kl. Βικελίδης ». On the other hand, the “yellow-blacks” who are called to leave behind the defeat with 3-2 from Olympiakos to OAKA.

The team of Iraklis Metaxas has climbed to 4th place of the standings, while maintaining the best defense in the category with 6 goals passive. At the time when Olympiakos is second best with 7 and followed by OFI with 8. The Union has conceded more than twice as many goals from PAS and specifically its home has been violated 13 times.

Out of the mission for the match with AEK was left Gardavsky, who according to the available information has been suffering from a virus for days, but has not managed to overcome it. Conte, Mina, Economopoulos, Al. Are also absent from the mission. Triadis, Kyrkos and Athanassiou for different reasons.

Without the unprepared Javella-Tankovic and the punished Le Talec, as but with them Mandalo and Amrabat AEK is located in Ioannina. In the mission is Kosidis, who has started very well in AEK B ‘. A warm welcome was reserved for the team of 50 fans, the fans were at the airport. Argyris Giannikis will face his former team.

Possible eleven

PAS Giannina: Lodigin – Saliakas, Eramuspe, Kargas, Pirsman – Karahalios, Dominguez, Snyder, Brenner – Perea, Milinceanu

AEK: Stankovic – Michelen, Vranjes, Mitoglou, Mohammadi – Simanski, Simoes – Amrabat, Mandalos, Chuber – Araujo

The mission of PAS: Lodigin, Soulis, Saliakas, Pantelakis, Pirsman, Eramuspe, Karagianni, Karahalio, Karga, Dominguez, Sionti, Rizo, Liasso, P. Triadi, Brenner, Snyder, Moreira, Loli and Milince.

The mission of AEK: Tsintotas, Stankovic, Guinness, Mohammadi, Svarnas, Rota, Michelen, Vranjes, Mitoglou, Hadjisafi, Simanski, Simoes, Mandalos, Sakhof, Gevtic, Amrabat, Garcia, Ansarifar, Ansarifarh

Referee: Dimitris Karantonis

Assistants: Konstantinos Psarris, Ioannis Dimitriadis

Fourth: Angelos Angelakis

WHERE: Bruno Esteve, Konstantinos Triantafyllou

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