Djokovic confirms favoritism, wins 7th Wimbledon title and touches Nadal


Novak Djokovic beat Nick Kyrgios in the men’s final of the Wimbledon tournament this Sunday (10) and secured his 21st Grand Slam title, approaching the 22 of record holder Rafael Nadal. With the victory, the Serbian reaches his seventh trophy in Wimbledon, four of them in a row.

Djokovic closed the match in four sets, with partials of 4/6, 6/3, 6/4 and 7/6.

The beginning of the final, however, surprised the favorite: Kyrgios, currently number 40 in the world, broke a serve from Djokovic and closed the first set with a strong serve and ace, his specialty. A tough game, however, was not enough for the Australian to win other sets.

From there, the Serbian number 3 in the world ranking prevailed, demonstrating the resilience and coldness typical of his career, while Kyrgios complained to the crowd, the referee and himself before serving and in missed plays.

The 35-year-old Serb, who has been criticizing the mandatory vaccination against Covid-19 and has already declared that he would rather not play in tournaments than have to be immunized, was only able to enter the country and participate in Wimbledon because the British government relaxed restrictions for people who are not. vaccinated.

In January, Djokovic tried to participate in the Australian Open without being vaccinated. In an embarrassing episode of his career, the tennis player caused discomfort in the country, had his visa canceled and, in the end, was deported and prevented from playing in the tournament.

Australian Nick Kyrgios — himself used to being punished for breaking rules and being criticized by peers — was one of the few tennis elite to come to Djokovic’s defense. Kyrgios said he was disappointed with the Australian government’s decision and criticized the way the Serbian tennis player was attacked on social media. Djokovic said he appreciates the Australian’s save and respects him for it.

Opponents at Wimbledon have since gotten closer. After winning the title this Sunday, Djokovic said he respects his opponent a lot. “You’re an amazing athlete and everything is starting to work out for you. I’m sure we’ll see you many times in the final stretch of Grand Slams. I never thought I’d say so many nice things about you considering our relationship. It’s officially a bromance.” stated.

Earlier, on Saturday (9), Djokovic and Kyrgios had posted a dialogue on Instagram. “Are we friends now?” asks the Australian. The Serb replies, “If you’re inviting me for a drink or dinner, I’ll take it. PS: tomorrow’s winner pays.” “Agreed, let’s go for a good one and go crazy,” says Kyrgios.

The Australian reached the first decision of his career without having to play in the semifinals, due to the withdrawal of Rafael Nadal, who abandoned the competition due to an injury.

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