Mantzios: “We were perfectly read and prepared”


THE Akis Mantzios spoke to the “World of Sports” and referred to the match with him PAOK, as well as in my episodes took place in Toumba. In addition, he stressed that the team’s attention is focused on the game with him OFI for the Greek Cup.

About the episodes in the finale and how he experienced them: “Look, I heard the views of the people, I think all healthy fans have the same opinion. It is not nice to have episodes in our country. I will not comment more on the episodes “.

Regarding Aris’ plan for the derby: “First of all, I would like to say that for us it was a week that we worked very hard not to have negative thoughts and to focus on the next day. You understand that this is sometimes difficult, because footballers are human too. When a hard result comes to us, try to change it in a short time. It seemed that we prepared well, that we left behind the previous game, both physically and mentally, and we focused on how to beat PAOK.

Now regularly, we can not analyze on camera but I think we were perfectly read and prepared. Each coaching team makes its own analysis of the pros and cons of the opponent, I think we excelled in this part in yesterday’s game “.

To change impressions: “I think it is a common phenomenon especially in Greece and especially for a Greek coach. I am lucky to be in a great team, there are demands and a lot of pressure. I am not affected, I am concerned with the team evolving and getting the results it needs when it deserves them “.

For the cup game against OFI: “Certainly the institution of the Cup is something that we are absolutely interested in. we should rest and prepare for the match with OFI. It is a team that has been formed lately. As we see in the championship, there are no easy games. The gap with the “smaller” teams has narrowed, they have all been strengthened and the so-called big ones have lost points. We need to rest and focus on ourselves. ”

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