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“Cleared” Hercules and the Colossus remained in the top five


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Kolossos comfortably defeated Iraklis 76-59 in Rhodes for the ninth game of the Basket League and reached its 6-3 record, remaining in fifth place in the standings and leaving the “blue and whites” at 1-6 in the last and with one match less.

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Ilias Kantzouris’s players reached +20 in the second half and did not worry, except in a few cases in the first ten minutes by the “blue and whites”.

Leading the winners were Pot with 20, Williams with 14 and Momirov with 11 points. For Thessaloniki, Agravanis was saved with 12 points.

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The match

Starring Williams and many solutions from the perimeter and racket, the Colossus was 11-2 ahead of Hercules, who had not found the solutions during this period. The foreigners of Kolossos took advantage of their rebounds and the mistakes of the “blue and whites” and reached 16-7 and 18-0, with Agravanis scoring alone for Thessaloniki. With a series of 4-0, Iraklis reduced to 18-13 at the end of the first period.

With a floating 4-0 of Floyd, the Colossus reached 22-13 at the beginning of the second period. With the consecutive three-pointers, the “sea” made a series of 7-0 and reached 29-15, constantly sharing assists and getting many rebounds, although the Thessalonians had half mistakes. Pot took matters into his own hands when Skordilis reduced to -11 and helped with a 5-0 run to make it 36-20, while Margaritis finished the half at 38-21.

With an 8-0 streak at the beginning of the third period, the Colossus reached 46-21 and it seems that the match is practically over. Williams’s three-pointer brought the 39-25 in the effort of “Giraios” to reduce. With more solutions, Iraklis reduced 51-34 and 53-39 with a series of 5-0 and finally the thirty minutes ended at 55-41.

At the beginning of the fourth period, Kolossos maintained the +14 with the correct choices of Elias Kantzouris’s players in the racket. With a series of 7-0, the Colossus made it 64-43 with solutions from the periphery. The most rebounds and the fewest mistakes of the “blue and whites”, after the relaxation of the hosts, gave the opportunity to the players of Costas Mexas to make a series of 8-0 with consecutive three-pointers and reduce to 64-51. Pott’s 5-0 series and Momirov’s three-pointer gave the best percentages and brought the Colossus to +20 and finally the match ended at 76-59.

THE TEN MINUTES: 18-13, 38-21, 55-41, 76-59.

KOLOSSOS (Kantzouris): Momirov 11 (2/6 three points, 7 rebounds), Williams 14 (4/6 three points), Tili 8 (1 three points, 5 rebounds), Hatzidakis, Pot 20 (7/8 two points, 2/3 three points, 6 rebounds, 7 errors), Xanthopoulos 5 (1), Prapas, Kampouris, Margaritis 6, Floyd 10, Slaftsakis 2.

HERACLES (Mexico): Stamatis 6 (2), Skordilis 8 (3 rebounds), Agravanis 12 (1/8 three points, 8 rebounds), Kouzeloglou 6 (1/9 shots, 4/4 shots, 6 rebounds), Douglas 6 (2/13 shots, 1/3 shots, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 4 errors, 2 steals), Wolritz 2, Garrett 9 (8 rebounds), Filios, Charitopoulos 2, Petanidis, Papadakis 8 (1/5 three points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 mistakes, 2 steals).

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