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The golden Elina Jengo to Nikos Mousinas: “The Olympic Games are now a dream”


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His guest Nikos Mousinas in the “Good afternoon” by SKAI she was Elina Jengo. The European javelin champion and member bwin team future she referred to her success and her dreams.

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My mom didn’t see the game, when she watches she feels like she’s giving me her anxiety. My father does not have such a problem, he can see normally. Through sports I manage some situations better, because as athletes we have to control our stress. When I got on the podium my legs were shaking. It was a crazy experience“, he emphasized.

When asked what changed after her success, she answered: “Now I go out on the street and they recognize me. I’m… famous (laughs), it’s something very beautiful. Sometimes after a success people come to you out of interest. But I think I understand who comes to me out of love and who out of interest».

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About how she got into athletics and her dreams, she emphasized: “I’ve been involved in athletics since Wednesday elementary school. I joined because I was jealous of my sisters who were involved, I made the decision to go and I was hooked. The Olympics is an athlete’s biggest goal. I am 20 years old, I have a long future ahead of me. I can throw the javelin until I’m 41. Let’s have our health».

Finally, about whether he wants to have a family, he said:You can do it all with proper planning».

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