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Opinion – In the Race: Last chance to participate in the Uphill Serra do Rio do Rastro 2023 draw


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I already talked about her here. The Serra do Rio do Rastro Marathon, in Santa Catarina, takes the breath away from the participants. First, for the unique beauty of the region. And, of course, for being the most challenging sprint for marathon runners within the Brazilian calendar.

This unique convergence of factors has made the race an object of desire among marathoners looking for an extra challenge. As if running 42km wasn’t enough of a challenge.

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Anyone who wants to test their limits and participate in the marathon needs to run – at least now, only figuratively. The deadline for registration to participate in the draw for the test ends on Friday (30), at 11:59 pm.

Yes, lottery. We’re not talking about registration yet. You pay BRL 49.90 for the right to participate in a lottery and, only if you are chosen, you will have 72 hours to register to run the race, which takes place in September 2023. The cost of kits for the lucky ones starts from of BRL 449.90.

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Prize draw? Like this?

The lottery is a common way of selecting among the most popular races in the world. The Berlin, London and New York Marathons, for example, have a lottery system. In Brazil, the Serra do Rio do Rastro marathon is the only one that uses this method.

I talked to Bernardo Fonseca, CEO of X3M and one of the creators of the race, to understand the reasons behind the draw.

Why do a giveaway?

There is more demand than vacancies available. Annually we provide 3 thousand registrations and we have approximately 15 thousand interested parties. The lottery is the way we find to fill vacancies in the fairest way possible.

Why not offer more vacancies?

Because the region would not hold more people. It is necessary to remember that the race passes through small municipalities, without a large hotel structure. We are at the limit of capacity.

Why not sell tickets to early adopters?

In the first edition, almost ten years ago, we made 300 vacancies available. We sell everything in 10 seconds. The following year, we doubled the number of subscriptions, and sold everything again in 10 seconds. It doesn’t seem like the fairest way to reward whoever has the fastest internet or whoever has the chance to be in front of the computer at the beginning of ticket sales. Hence the lottery.

But the draw is paid…

Yes, it’s paid. Our objective is to make a positive impact in the region, and this involves financially helping the residents of the Santa Catarina mountain range. Early registration money does not stay with me. It is fully reverted to assistance entities in the region. Remembering that the contribution is not mandatory. Those who do not want to donate the money can choose a gift from the organization. This year, we are offering a pair of cuffs to registrants who prefer the freebie.

And what do people prefer?

More than 80% of registrants choose to donate their entry fee to charity, which makes us proud. There are more than 400 thousand reais reverted to assistance organizations in recent years.

Want to try your luck in the hardest marathon in the country? The link to participate in the giveaway is here.

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