Unix had a “funeral” in Maccabi-Sfeiropoulos with Hezonia!

Unix had a “funeral” in Maccabi-Sfeiropoulos with Hezonia!

Unix Kazan defeated Giannis Sfeiropoulos’ Maccabi Tel Aviv 85-74 at the “Nokia Arena” for the 14th game of the Euroleague and reached 8-6 in the sixth place, leaving the Israelis in the tenth and -1 of the privileged eight.

The match was a derby in the first three quarters, but a 9-0 run by the Russians in the fourth period brought them to and then Unix maintained the lead until the end of the match.

Brown contributed more to this with 26, Canaan with 18 and Hezonia with 16 points. For the Israelis, Wilbekin stood out with 18, Reynolds, Nanali with 12 and Zizic with 11 points.

Wilbekin’s excellent performance gave Maccabi a small difference with +5 and +6 at the beginning of the match, but the problems in the defense and against the tall Russians ended in a draw in the first half.

In the third period, the players of Giannis Sfeiropoulos gained a small lead. The Unix guards found the solutions for the guests and gave a small lead, with the third period ending at 63-63. There, Brown, Canaan and Hezonia started scoring continuously, giving Unix a 9-0 streak and a +6, which held the lead until the end.

THE TEN MINUTES: 24-26, 43-43, 66-63, 74-85.

MACABI TEL AVIV (Sfeiropoulos): Wilbekin 18 (1/5 two points, 4/10 three points, 4/4 shots, 5 rebounds, 4 assists), Evans 5 (1), Caleiro 3, Williams 4 (1/5 shots, 2/4 shots, 5 rebounds) , Taylor, Reynolds 12 (5/10 two points, 2/2 shots, 4 rebounds), Dibartolomeo 8 (2), Blazer 1, Nanali 12 (1), Zizic 11 (5/5 two points, 1/2 shots), Ziv

UNIX KAZAN (Perasovic): Spissou, Brown J. 6 (3/3 two points), Canaan 18 (1/1 two points, 3/6 three points, 7/7 shots), Brown L. 26 (8/15 two points, 2/4 three points, 4/4 shots, 6 rebounds, 6 assists, 1 steal, 2 errors), Bradley 4 (4 steals), Hezonia 14 (3/4 two points, 2/5 three points, 2/2 shots, 4 rebounds, 2 assists), Uzinski, Jekiri 6 (9 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 errors), Meigo 11 (2)

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