Tsitsipas: “The body withstands pain, the mind can not bear not to be competitive”


The departure of Stefanos Tsitsipas from the match of the second round of the Paris Masters is due to inflammation in the elbow, as he revealed in a post on Facebook.

The leading Greek tennis player revealed that the injury has occupied him for a long time, emphasizing that although he endures the pain, he cannot bear not to be able to compete in his game.

«My body can withstand the pain, but my mind can not accept not being competitive. Injuries are the best teacher to show how much we love a sport. Yesterday I had to give up a game due to inflammation in the elbow, a problem I have been facing for a long time.

I have been silently competing in some tournaments lately, dealing with the injury, but from one point onwards I want to prioritize my health, so that I can compete for many more years in the sport that is so close to my heart.

“This is something I have not shared yet, but because some people wonder why I left the game, that is the reason,” he wrote characteristically.

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