CAS, weights and transfer priorities


The new extension given by the CAS in the Durmisai case creates new data and loosens the hands of Aris early in terms of his transfer aid in the inoculated winter transfer period, as any decision will be valid from the next transfer period.

The people of the team already have a transfer έτοι compass ready, but they will activate it, but with a basic condition. Get rid of the club from some weights on the roster that take up space and money in the budget.

These are more or less known.

Both for a long time. These are Costas Mitroglou and Lerin Duarte who are not really counted by Akis Mantzio and a way must be found to terminate their contracts that enter in January in the last half of their term. Izet Hairovic, who is permanently out of the plans, has entered the same category more or less in the last month.

His representative has already been informed that he is not expected to find a team, either to leave as a free agent or in the form of a loan, since he has signed a 3-year contract. In the category of departures may be included some who enter in the last half of their contract, depending on the players that will come.

In some of the first discussions that have taken place between Theodoros Karypidis and Akis Mantzios, two priorities have been given. In the acquisition of four given that Kamara will be absent for a large part of the obligations of the team in January and a central defender with the characteristics of Fabiano-Brabets.

From there and depending on the departures, there may be a move for a winger (see Silva case) or a staff member, a position which is directly related to the outcome of the negotiations with Facudo Bertoglio. Anyway, all these issues will… run from the 23rd of the month and the replay with OFI for the Cup…

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