Panathinaikos: Turn to PAS Giannina


After the postponement of the match with Apollon Smyrnis, due to the cases of coronavirus in the “Light Brigade”, Panathinaikos is forced to turn its attention from today to Sunday’s match with PAS Giannina on the Avenue.

This is an extremely important match for the clover, as it will face a team that is in a higher position in the standings and that in the first round had defeated the greens 1-0 in Zosimades. For the above two reasons, but also for the fact that Panathinaikos wants to continue victoriously in the effort it makes to cover the lost ground and to continue to redeem its progress, the three-pointer is an imperative.

On the positive side for Ivan Jovanovic is the fact that he does not face any new problems and absences. Sarlia will be available (he had been declared to serve a card penalty in the match with Apollon), while Pougouras took part of the training again yesterday.

Senkefeld will be present again and we will see if Jovanovic will choose him for the starting lineup or not. Juankar also served a card penalty in the game with Atromitos.

From today, the Serbian coach will start making his plans for Sunday’s match and in the coming days it will be seen what his options will be for the starting lineup.

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