Skyscraper fire in Hong Kong – 300 people trapped on the roof (pics, vid)


At least one person has been injured in a fire that broke out in the skyscraper of Hong Kong’s World Trade Center in the Coshway Bay shopping district, the government announced today, while local media reported that dozens of people were trapped in the building.

The fire broke out at 12:37 p.m., local time, during lunchtime for many workers.

According to the website of the South China Morning Post, more than 300 people are trapped on the roof of the skyscraper. Among those trapped are people who had gone shopping or to a restaurant in this 38-storey building, which has offices, shops and restaurants.

Firefighters are trying to put out the fire, while they have set up stairs in order to save the trapped people.

According to police, about 100 people were transported from a restaurant to the rooftop when the fire broke out and the restaurant hall was filled with smoke, as reported by the local network RTHK.

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