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“Piracy” of Kifissia in Syros opposite Finikas


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Huge win for her Kifissia in Syros opposite the Palm tree. The team of Kostas Christofidelis, with protagonists Dejan Okosanovic and the Maicon Moreira prevailed in the tie-break of the team of Dimitris Kazazis and went up to 4th place of the Volley League, after 6 matches.

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Third defeat for him Finika Syros in the season after those from Olympiakos and Panathinaikos and 6th place for the team of Dimitris Kazazis, which only wants the victory against OFI next week in Heraklion for the 7th matchday of the Volley League.

On the other side of the Kifissiawill welcome to “Zirineio” Sports of Orestiadawith the aim of continuing the positive results.

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1st set

The game at “Dimitris Vikelas” started quite dynamically with Foinikas taking a quick lead and Kifissia coming back with a 1-4 score that put them in front of the score with 5-4.

However, Dimitris Kazazis’ team had Mijailovic in excellent condition, which combined with Djuric’s cynicism brought the difference to +3 for the home team (17-14).

Then the block of the “pirates” worked exemplary and brought a 25-21 victory in the first set for Phoenix.

2nd set

In the second set, the visitors were stormy and led by Chevers, they took a quick four-point lead. The home team tried to get a reaction, but the block of the players of Kostas Christofidelis was excellent and 7-11 quickly became 9-16. The excellent Serbian diagonal, Stefan Okosanovictook action and essentially gave the set to the northern suburbs team with 3 well-targeted and extremely well-worked attacks with the score becoming 19-25.

3rd set

The team of Dimitris Kazazis was better in most of the third set and managed to make Kifissia difficult early on, taking a lead of five points (8-3).

The guests “gnawed” the difference, with Moreira and Okosanovic… embroidering aggressively and bringing the match to a point 15-14. This comeback by Kifissia probably caught Foinikas Syrou by surprise, who fell into unforced errors and found himself back in the score at the crucial point, with Okosanovic sweeping the set and making the 23-25 for Kifisia’s 2-1.

4th set

The team of Kostas Christofidelis entered the 4th set determined to take the “double” and managed to take a small lead at the beginning which the players of Finikas quickly overturned making it 8-6.

THE Klickenberg took action and taking advantage of the guests’ bad organization in the block put the “pirates” ahead 17-14. Kifissia did not give up and managed to equalize with Moreira and Chavers getting the block out twice.

The set turned into a thriller with Phoinikas “throwing” +4 and tying the game at 24-24 and Kifissia extending the suspense. There the home team squandered all the leads, but they prevailed with Djuric taking Moreira’s block out and making the 29-27 for the 2-2 of Phoenix leading the match to the tie break.

Tie Break (5th set)

Kifissia, in the tie break, did not “bend” from the over-effort of the 4th set and managed to take a significant lead and quickly make it 4-0. The team from the northern suburbs continued to work excellently in the reception and managed to temporarily maintain the “cushion” of four points, with Fromm reducing it to two (4-6).

Kifissia strengthened its block considerably with Moreira and the Okosanovic to close the lanes and make it 8-5.

With the change of field of action, Kifissia changed their performance for the better and managed to level Foinikas with Moreira dominating Djuric over the net and the set ending at 10-15 in favor of the visitors who left with the victory from Syros.

The sets: 25-21, 19-25, 23-25, 29-27, 10-15 in 138′

*Phoenix Syros’ points came from 10 aces, 61 attacks, 11 blocks and 25 opponent errors and Kifisia’s points came from 9 aces, 65 attacks, 6 blocks and 33 opponent errors.

Finikas Syros (Dimitris Kazazis): Michalovic 22 (20/43 ref., 2 blocks), Charalambidis, Jerezuelo 3 (3/6 ref.), Klinkenberg 11 (11/20 ref., 59% sub. – 38% excellent), Djuric 17 (7/9 ref., 5 aces, 5 blocks), Fromm 21 (14/22 ref., 3 aces, 4 blocks, 52% sub. – 28% excellent) / Konstantinidis (l, 58% sub. – 36% excellent), Papalexiou 6 (5/10 ff., 1 ace), Galiotos 2 (1/3 ff., 1 ace).

Kifissia (Kostas Christofidelis): Okosanovic 24 (20/33 ref., 4 aces), Stivachtis, Ricardo 16 (13/27 ref., 2 aces, 1 block, 39% sub. – 17% excellent), Spiliotis 3 (1/5 ref., 1 ace, 1 block), Moreira 15 (12/13 ff., 1 ace, 2 blocks), Chavers 21 (19/39 ff., 1 ace, 1 block, 50% sub. – 35% excellent) / Kontostathis ( l, 59% sub. – 38% excellent), Papadopoulos, Philippakopoulos 1 (1 block).

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