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The two-day sword duel is over


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In the first Men’s-Women’s Duel Sword Cup for this season we saw some very strong matches. Among the men, the one who managed to prevail was Thodoris Avramidis (GS Iraklis), who beat Nikos Tsokas (OXIF) in the final with a score of 15-10. The other two places on the podium were completed by two other OXIF athletes, Stergios Tsokas and Filippos Hatzitipis.

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In the end, the No1 of the domestic ranking, Savvas Kavadias (PAO), did not participate in the event.

Among the women, the newcomer Nefeli Rodopoulou (AOFIPS Irida) made a surprise and prevailed in the final over the No. 1 women’s ranking, Nicole Hatzisarantou (AO Ariston Paanias), with a score of 15-12. The bronze medal was won by Christina Boronkay (Lygkas Pentelis) and Andriana Theodoropoulou (AO Ariston Paanias).

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The first eights and the detailed results for men and women:


1. Thodoris Avramidis (GS Heraklis)

2. Nikos Tsokas (Oxi Florina)

3. Stergios Tsokas (Oxi Florina)

3. Filippos Hatzitipis (Oxi.Florina)

5. Konstantinos Karabasis (AO Ariston Peanias)

6. Dimitrios Mitsios-Antonakos (LC Thessaloniki)

7. Stelios Fustanakis (AL Messaras)

8. Giorgos Minas (AS Spartakos Korinthia)


1. Nefeli Rodopoulou (AOFIPS Iris)

2. Nicole Hatzisarantou (AO Ariston Peanias)

3. Christina Boronkay (Lygas Pentelis)

3. Andriana Theodoropoulou (AO Ariston Peanias)

5. Irini Karabini (AOFIPS Iris)

6. Panagiota Lionti (AS Xifomachos)

7. Irina Mavrikiou (Akrites)

8. Despina Arapogianni (AEK)

Women’s detailed results


Saturday 19/11 – individual teenagers / team juniors

Among the teenagers, the best appearance for the Greek colors was made by Artemios Tzovanis (AOX Aegaleo), who reached the scoreboard of “64”. For the board of “32”, he was defeated 15-14 by Chen (Taipei). Within the first hundred, Sotiris Gerosideris (GE Florina) also completed his attempt, while a total of eight out of 12 Greeks qualified for the main board from the qualifying round.

In the juniors, the march of the four Greek teams ended quite early. The first team was the only one to make it to the board of the “32”, with a victory over the fifth team Turkey (45-13), but then they could not overcome the obstacle of Poland who easily prevailed with 45-29.

The second team was defeated by Latvia (45-13), the third by Sweden (45-29) and the fourth by the second Latvian team (45-11).

The results for the Greek colors:

Youth Individual (U17) – (Detailed results)

o 61. Artemios Tzovanis (AOX Aegaleo)

o 88. Sotiris Gerosideris (Ge of Florina)

o 104. Dimitris Gikas (VALUE)

o 128. Michalis Stavrakis (VALUE)

o 164. Dimitris Meidanis (VALUE)

o 168. Antonis Goumas (AOX Aegaleo)

o 171. Angelos Doumtsis (Ge of Florina)

o 199. Christos Toulakis Markakis (AOX Aigaleo)

o 229. Dimitris Tsoutsoplidis (VALUE)

o 242. Avramios Spyros Sgouros (Ge of Florina)

o 255. Aris Charalambos Chiotelis (OXI Glyfada)

o 263. Achilleas Dimitris Michalopoulos (OXI Glyfada)

Youth team (U17) – (Detailed results)

32. Greece 1

Ballou (AOX Aegaleo), Garifallou (AOX Aegaleo), Bouzika (GE Florina), Pilioura (VALUE)

36. Greece 3

Laiou (AOX Aigaleo), Teliporanidou (Aris Thessaloniki), Pantelidou (Megas Alexandros Kordeliou), Olga Tagi (VALUE)

37. Greece 4

Naidi (GE Florina), Kekeri (OXI Glyfada), Provata (KAS Damoklis), Intzoglou (OXIF)

38. Greece 2

Kavvada (GE Florina), Stavraki (VALUE), Reppa (Aris Thessaloniki), Tsakali (OXI Glyfada)

Sunday 20/11 – junior individual / teenage team

With very good placings in the junior individual, the European U17 swordsmanship cups in Nuremberg and the U17 saber championships in Sofia were completed for Greece.

Stavrina Garifallou stood out, once again, in the European Cup, as she took 12th place among 270 athletes. She qualified undefeated from the qualifying round and passed without a fight on the board of “128”. She then defeated Hungary’s Haroni 15-5, Poland’s Plaza 15-4 and Poland’s Wojtas 15-4 in quick succession before losing to American Chen 15-11 for a place in the last eight.

In fact, it should be noted that only athletes from the USA, who competed in the European Cup out of competition in terms of rating, made it to the final eight. Among the European gymnasts, Garifallou was third behind Hungary’s Kollar (ninth) and Latvia’s Kozlova (11th), which means that she will comfortably maintain her first place in the European junior rankings and, in fact, will add 24 new grades in her harvest.

Of the remaining Greek entries, Iliana Bouzika (GE Florina) and Eleni Ballou (AOX Aigaleo) finished within the top 100, while nine of the total of 16 were able to pass the qualifying round.

In the youth team, on the other hand, the first team (Tsovanis, Gikas, Meidanis, Gerosideris) stood out, reaching 15th place among 45 teams. In the board of “64”, they prevailed over the fourth team Germany 45-30 and in the board of “32” they prevailed over the fourth team Poland 45-32.

In the battle for the eight they were defeated by the fourth team from the USA with 45-24. In the qualifying matches, they were first defeated by the first team Poland 45–33 and then by the third team Poland 45–37.

In the final match with the 15th place trophy, they prevailed over the third team Germany with 45-38.

The aggregate results for the Greek colors:

Junior Individual (U17) – (Detailed results)

o 12. Stavrina Garifallou (AOX Aigaleo)

o 70. Iliana Buzika (Georgia of Florina)

o 98. Eleni Ballou (AOX Aegaleo)

o 168. Anna Pilioura (VALUE)

o 169. Royal Order of Olga Tagi (MERIT)

o 170. Kalliiroi Naidi (Florina District)

o 188. Zoe Stavraki (VALUE)

o 189. Maria Laiou (AOX Aigaleo)

o 198. Myrto Tsakalis (Oxi Glyfada)

o 206. Christina Reppa (Aris Thessaloniki)

o 207. Angeliki Pantelidou (Alexander the Great Kordeliou)

o 223. Katerina Provata (KAS Damoklis)

o 226. Kikilia Kekeri (Glyfada Vinegar)

o 231. Magdaleni Teliporanidou (Aris Thessaloniki)

o 258. Eleonora Kavvada (Georgia of Florina)

o 267. Xanthi Agapi Intzoglou (OXIF)

Youth team (U17) – (Detailed results)

15. Greece 1

Tzovanis (AOX Aigaleo), Gikas (VALUE), Gerosideris (GE Florina), Meidanis (VALUE)

41. Greece 2

Tsoutsoplidis (VALUE), Sgouros (GE Florina), Stavrakis (VALUE), Goumas (AOX Aegaleo)

42. Greece 3

Chiotelis (OXI Glyfada), Doumtsis (GE Florina), Michalopoulos (OXI Glyfada), Toulakis Markakis (AOX Aigaleo)

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